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Grade 5 Science "God's Wonderful World" Set

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God's World Science Series

The textbook contains 48 lessons (including 8 review lessons). All regular lessons also include a short review exercise. A few reviews draw from previous units.

Fifth graders should grow in their knowledge of the facts and the order of the created world. In Unit 1, they learn the basics of orderly, scientific study. God's wonderful world is best understood by careful observation and by consistent testing of one's conclusions. Observation of God's power and control is emphasized in Unit 3.

In Units 2 and 8, students study and classify various forms of life. In Units 4, 5, and 7 they become acquainted with practical applications of everyday science.

Various paragraphs stress the value of conserving God-given resources and the value of observing safety. The book teaches the principle of prevention and cautions students about harmful chemicals, insects, and plants. In addition to anatomy, Unit 6 teaches good care of the human body.

The theme and title of this book is God's Wonderful World. The many marvels of science and the numerous quotations from the Book of Psalms emphasize this theme.

Students will appreciate the interesting writing style of this book. And the pupil's book uses color pictures where color is important.

The hardcover Teacher's Manual contains reduced black-and-white copies of each pupil page. Surrounding the pupil pages are answer keys, lesson concepts, and other helpful teaching aids. Each of the eight units has a beginning story to read to the students.

The Teacher's Manual is written and designed with inexperienced teachers in mind. Most written exercises have answers that are easy to grade. Most of the additional activities suggested are inexpensive and do not require a lot of teacher time. The written exercises and tests do not depend on these activities.

The teacher's introduction suggests schedule plans for a school year. It also gives some ideas on how to review effectively and how to use the science activities. The back of the book has copies of the unit tests with answers in place.

  • Introduction

Table of Contents

Unit 1: Science, the Study of God's Created Wonders

  • Story—"The Sweet Corn Experiment"
  • 1. "By the Word of the Lord"
  • 2. "Come and See the Works of God"
  • 3. The Scientific Experiment
  • 4. Unit 1 Review

Unit 2: Wonders Among the Arthropods

  • Story—"The Giant Spider Hunt"
  • 5. The Armored Crustaceans
  • 6. Spiders and Other Arachnids
  • 7. Grasshoppers and Other Insects
  • 8. Metamorphosis of the Butterfly
  • 9. A World Abounding With Insects
  • 10. Unit 2 Review

Unit 3: Wonders of the Earth and Sky

  • Story—"Trail to the Sky"
  • 11. Majestic Mountains
  • 12. Awesome Earthquakes
  • 13. Magnificent Waterfalls
  • 14. Mighty Oceans
  • 15. Raging Storms
  • 16. Wonders of Weather Patterns
  • 17. Wonders Above the Earth.
  • 18. Unit 3 Review

Unit 4: Wonderful Laws of Motion and Machines

  • Story—"Caleb's Machines"
  • 19. God's Laws of Moving Things
  • 20. Friction, a Help and a Hindrance to Work
  • 21. Using Machines to Perform Work
  • 22. Simple Machines; The Lever and the Inclined Plane
  • 23. Four Other Simple Machines
  • 24. Pumps to Move Liquids
  • 25. Unit 4 Review

Unit 5: The Wonder of Chemicals

  • Story—"Chemical Cake"
  • 26. How Chemicals Are Grouped
  • 27. Changes in Chemicals
  • 28. Fire, an Important Chemical Reaction
  • 29. Acids and Bases
  • 30. Using Chemicals Safely
  • 31. Unit 5 Review

Unit 6: Wonders of the Human Body

  • Story—"Ouch, Mother; It Hurts!"
  • 32. Bones for Support and Protection
  • 33. Muscles That Move the Bones
  • 34. Muscles in Organs
  • 35. The Nervous System
  • 36. Posture and Exercise
  • 37. First Aid for Injuries
  • 38. Unit 6 Review

Unit 7: The Wonder of Sound

  • Story—"The Big Silence That We Could Feel"
  • 39. What Causes Sound
  • 40. How Sound Travels
  • 41. Pitch and Volume of Sound
  • 42. Ears for Hearing Sound
  • 43. Unit 7 Review

Unit 8: Wonders of Ferns, Mosses, and Plantlike Organisms

  • Story—"My Wilderness"
  • 45. Mosses and Ferns
  • 46. Bacteria
  • 47. Fungi-Molds, Mushrooms, and Yeasts
  • 48. Unit 8 Review
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