Schoolaid Health

for Grades 3 - 8

This curriculum offers an extensive study of health, covering many practical issues you will want your children to learn in life. Different aspects of physical, mental, and social health are studied in grades 3 to 8. Topics include habits, manners, nutrition, safety and first aid, and systems of the body.

(For those needing a course on procreation, which is not covered here, see God's Will for My Body.)

The lower-grade courses are basic enough for weekly and bi-weekly lessons. The paperback workbooks include general teaching instructions in the front, and removable tests in the back. Since no answer key is provided, you can make your own by using an additional workbook.

The upper grades (5-6 and 7-8) have hardback textbooks with separate teacher's editions and tests. These courses are divided into units that can be taught interchangeably within those grade pairs, giving the teacher more flexibility in multi-grade settings. (This is the same approach used in Climbing to Good English, also published by Schoolaid.)

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