Grade 6 Pathway "Step By Step" Set

Grade 6 Pathway "Step By Step" Set

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  Workbook [2020 Edition] $2.55
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This grade level contains 84 selections of stories and poems in 9 units (poems indicated by italics).

The teacher's edition is a reduced copy of the workbook with answers filled in. The sections in the reader titled "Thinking It Over" have questions to develop comprehension; there is no answer key for these questions.

The test packet includes 8 tests and an answer key sheet. The workbook teacher's edition will indicate when each test is to be taken.


Unit 1: We Live and Learn

  • The Wonderful Word
  • September
  • The Lost Treasure
  • Looking Ahead
  • Whirling Wheels
  • Martha Learns to Remember
  • Forgive Me When I Whine
  • Empty Shelves
  • Help Others
  • Not In Vain
  • I Would Be True
  • Beautiful Things

Unit 2: Step By Step

  • Ten Cent Conscience
  • Co-operation
  • The Best Memory System
  • Jacob Earns His Salt
  • What We Give Away
  • Smiles
  • Drop A Pebble In The Water
  • Ola and the Wooden Tub
  • Courage
  • The Open Door
  • High and Dry
  • Bread
  • Don't Give Up

Unit 3: Out of the Past

  • Joseph and His Brothers
  • Beggar Boy
  • The Beatitudes
  • The Second Mile
  • The Good Samaritan
  • Two Stories
  • On The Shores of the Aegean

Unit 4: Life On The Farm

  • Work, Work, Work
  • Out In the Fields With God
  • Whoa! Judy
  • Lemonade For Pete
  • The Wise Sower
  • The Missing Hobo
  • The Lesson the Flowers Taught
  • A "Lucky" Day
  • To A Man With A Lantern
  • End of A Summer's Day
  • Praise to God

Unit 5: Our Forefathers

  • Dangerous Errand
  • Escape Underground
  • What's A Martyrs' Mirror?

Unit 6: Moments In History

  • Columbus
  • From Trails To Turnpikes
  • A Gift For Young Abe
  • Up The Long Road
  • Liberty Or Death
  • Earthquake At San Francisco
  • Sweet Story Of Old

Unit 7: We Love Our Homes

  • What The World Needs Now
  • In Bed
  • Come To Think Of It
  • Flight To Freedom
  • Welcome D.P.'s
  • The Quest
  • Mother's Love
  • Prayer For A Little Home

Unit 8: Lessons At School

  • Gift For The Teacher
  • The Blind Men And The Elephant
  • Flying High
  • The Worth Of A Smile
  • Brought To Trial
  • They Thought It was Thomas
  • The Best That I Can
  • Somebody's Mother
  • Time

Unit 9: Nature's Paths

  • A Hike In The Woods
  • Who Has Seen The Wind?
  • Woodman, Spare That Tree
  • Mothers Of The Wildwood
  • I Saw God Wash The World
  • A Storm
  • Apples In The Wilderness
  • The Ant And The Cricket
  • Fruit From The Tropics
  • Beauty
  • Mysterious Traveler
  • Look
  • God's Many Voices
  • Psalms 148


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