Grade 5 Pathway "Living Together" Set

Grade 5 Pathway "Living Together" Set

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This grade contains 48 lessons in 6 units (poems indicated by italics).

The teacher's edition is a reduced copy of the workbook with answers filled in.

The test packet includes 8 tests and an answer key sheet. Each test is to be taken after completing the reader pages indicated on the test.


Unit 1: Living Together

  • The Picture
  • The Bookworm
  • Thomas the Tyrant
  • The Same Mistake
  • Wilbur's Will to Work
  • Biggest and the Bossiest
  • A Land Unknown
  • The Country Child

Unit 2: Learning from Others

  • Trixy!
  • The Secret Code
  • Joseph and His Giant
  • Freeman's Friends
  • Not Like Nellie
  • Bert the Bragger
  • Log Cabins
  • An Important Person

Unit 3: The World of Nature

  • Tilly, the Painted Turtle
  • Rain
  • The Farmer's Enemy
  • Thirty Thousand Spears
  • Clown of the Woods
  • Who Taught Them?
  • A South American Dessert
  • To Tame a Wild Rabbit
  • Salt
  • Animal Ages
  • Flying Flowers

Unit 4: Getting Along

  • The Turkey Fight
  • Wide Enough For Two
  • That's What They Said
  • Raymond's Ropes
  • A Poor Excuse
  • The Tell-Tale Peas
  • Beauty
  • Truth Is My Friend

Unit 5: Meeting New Friends

  • I Was Going To
  • Too Sure For Safe
  • One Stray Lamb
  • The Greener Grass
  • The Talking Tree
  • The Best Talent

Unit 6: Doing Our Best

  • A Good Sport
  • The Chicken Thief
  • To the Rescue
  • Greedy Gertie
  • Calvin Gets Caught
  • The Stealers
  • The Slow Miracle


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