Mohan in the Jungle

Mohan in the Jungle

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When two active boys in their early teens spend a week together in a jungle village, there is sure to be some excitement--and Mohan and Obhee are no exception.

Obhee plans the week to show Mohan, his guest, the fascination and the dangers of the jungle. But more turns up than either the boys or their parents anticipate.

An incident that occurs the morning after Mohan arrives, and the events that surround it, eventually plunge the whole village into danger and confusion.

In spite of the unscheduled excitement, Obhee proceeds with his plans to spend some time in the jungle to show Mohan jungle life. And the jungle does not disappoint them. In fact, there are circumstances in which all of Mohan's courage is put to the test.

A brush with a panther, death in a pot, a confrontation with a deadly cobra, a python, a witch doctor, and more bring Mohan face to face with a question that has been troubling him for some time, and for which he needs to find a solution.

Life in India today is accurately portrayed and presented on these pages. The happenings in this story are based on actual incidents that are known firsthand by the writer who has spent several years with her husband as a missionary in India.

God-honoring, Scripturally sound, well-written, and keenly interesting, this story will be enjoyable and very profitable reading for upper junior- and intermediate- aged children.


  • 1. Into the Jungle
  • 2. Amrita
  • 3. Amrita's Trouble
  • 4. The Plan
  • 5. Did-He-Do-It?
  • 6. Settling Accounts
  • 7. Beauty Is Missing
  • 8. Sweet Work
  • 9. The Feast
  • 10. Night Problems
  • 11. The Doctor
  • 12. The Interrogation
  • 13. Death in the Pot
  • 14. The Monkeys Have Come!
  • 15. A Trip to the Ridge
  • 16. Lunch for the Vultures
  • 17. At the Market
  • 18. The Castle
  • 19. At the Water Hole
  • 20. A Painful Sting
  • 21. Ready! Set! Go!
  • 22. A Night in the Machan
  • 23. Mr. Tusker
  • 24. The Legless Wonder
  • 25. Special Supper
  • 26. Better Than a Tiger
  • Glossary of Pronunciations and Definitions
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