Grade 2 Social Studies "Our Father

Grade 2 Social Studies "Our Father's World" Set

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Here is a simple course that introduces and explains basic geographical terms—continent, ocean, lake, city, state, province, and country. Basic surface features are discussed—mountains, hills, deserts, valleys and plains. The purpose and structure of globes and maps are taught. Twelve of the lessons have stories about children around the world. Each story is cast in the setting of a child's surroundings and activities on a March day.

At the back of the pupil's workbook is a section called "New Word Exercises," where the meaning and the use of the new words used in a given lesson are taught by fill-in-the-blank exercises.

This course was published in 1982, and of course many political changes have occurred since then. However, along with geographical instruction, the focus is on introducing the child to several different cultures, with little emphasis on historical context. One of the stories in this book (lesson 20) takes place in the former Czechoslovakia. The publishers have added the following footnote in the teacher's manual: "Now that communism no longer rules Russia and several European countries, some aspects of this lesson are not accurate. Make clear to the pupils that communist disdain for Christians continues, even though political changes have occurred. Believers in communist-ruled countries must live as this lesson describes. In 1993, Czechoslovakia separated peacefully into two new nations, the Czech Republic and Slovakia."
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1. Different Kinds of Land

  • 1. Hill Country
  • 2. Crossing the Prairies
  • 3. Sighting the Mountains
  • 4. Viewing the Valley
  • 5. Hot, Dry Deserts
  • 6. Review

2. Introducing Maps

  • 7. North America and South America
  • 8. Five More Continents
  • 9. Directions on a Map
  • 10. Oceans of the World
  • 11. Coloring Maps
  • 12. Review

3. A Day in the Continents

  • 13. John of North America
  • 14. Roberto of South America—Part 1
  • 15. Roberto of South America—Part 2
  • 16. Seebo of Asia—Part 1
  • 17. Seebo of Asia—Part 2
  • 18. Review

4. A Day in the Continents

  • 19. Antarctica
  • 20. Maria of Europe
  • 21. Kathryn of Australia
  • 22. Adoyo of Africa—Part 1
  • 23. Adoyo of Africa—Part 2
  • 24. Review

5. Reading Maps

  • 25. Studying the Globe
  • 26. The Four Hemispheres
  • 27. Learning About Rivers and Lakes
  • 28. Learning About Cities
  • 29. Review
  • 30. Test

New Word Exercises

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