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The Developing Reading Comprehension series has been written as a help to improve silent reading comprehension in lower-age-level students. Older students, in isolated situations, will be able to benefit from the course as well. The course is designed for children who have completed at least six weeks of instruction in phonics.

Book One (Units 1, 2)

Book One combines the principles of (1) sound recognition, (2) adherence to specified directions, and (3) simple recall, which are the first essentials for developing reading comprehension.

Unit 1, "Recognizing Sounds," is designed to train children to master the use of phonetic sounds to identify words.

Unit 2, "Following Directions," trains the student to pay attention to detail and to carry out instructions accurately, a discipline essential in every school subject.

Unit 1: Recognizing Sounds

  • Lesson 1 - The Special Letters: Vowels
  • Lesson 27 - Final Consonants: k, s, x

Unit 2: Following Directions

  • Lesson 9

Book Two (Units 3, 4)

Book Two is not dependent upon Book One, but to do this work, the students must have a good understanding of phonetic symbols, be able to follow directions, and have simple recall ability.

Unit 3, "Learning to Remember Details," builds upon Units 1 and 2 and requires that the students read the short selections provided and indicate the correct multiple-choice answers. The complexity of the questions increases from the beginning to the end of the unit.

Unit 4, "Reading With Understanding," is the most challenging and advanced section of the course. Story selections are longer and more complex. Answers are not multiple choice but are to be recalled completely from memory.

Unit 3: Learning to Remember Details

  • Lesson 4 - "God's Promise"

Unit 4: Reading With Understanding

  • Lesson 2 - "A Day at School"
  • Lesson 18 - "The Song of the Birds"
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