Grade 7 Spelling "Spelling by Sound and Structure" Set

Grade 7 Spelling "Spelling by Sound and Structure" Set

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34 lessons. Each lesson includes a list of 20 "New Words" and 5 "Review Words," except every sixth lesson, which is completely review.

The main emphasis of this course is the study of Latin word elements—roots, prefixes, and suffixes. Learning to spell is the primary goal throughout, and the meanings of roots and affixes are helpful in expanding a student's vocabulary.

Each lesson also has a review section that exercises phonetic and word-building concepts covered in earlier grade levels of this series. The last section of each lesson gives a brief history of the English language, providing some of the reasons for the modern spellings, pronunciations, and meanings of many English words.

A "Speller Dictionary" is included at the back of the book.

The teacher's manual includes a reduced copy of the pupil's text with the answers, teacher helps, and test sentences in the margins.

Supplementary items (not included):

Outline of Concepts

  • A. Unearthing the Roots
  • B. Affixing Affixes
  • C. Sound, Structure, and Meaning
  • D. Language Lineage

Teacher Materials

  • Introduction
  • Spelling Tests
  • Word List
  • Alphabetized List of Latin Roots

Lesson 1

  • Word Elements
  • Inflectional Suffixes: -s, -es; -'s; -s, -es; -ed, -ing; and -er, -est
  • God's Word Never Changes... but Man's Does

Lesson 2

  • Roots: initi, medi, and fini
  • Noun-forming Suffixes: -or and -ar
  • The Miracle of Language

Lesson 3

  • Roots: sacr, sanct, and beat
  • Noun-forming Suffixes: -ion and -ation
  • The Origin of Writing

Lesson 4

  • Roots: fid, cred, and monit
  • Noun-forming Suffixes: -ance and -ence
  • Development of the Alphabet

Lesson 5

  • Roots: ann; di; sol; lun; and sider, sir
  • Noun-forming Suffixes: -ment
  • There Are Other Alphabets

Lesson 6

  • Review

Lesson 7

  • Roots: clam and fess
  • Prefix: ad-
  • Semantic Study: Generalization

Lesson 8

  • Roots: dic, dict; quer, quest; and spond, spons
  • Prefixes: contra-, ob-, and pro-
  • Language Families

Lesson 9

  • Roots: specs; vid, vis; and par
  • Prefixes: ab- and dis-
  • English and Its Relatives

Lesson 10

  • Roots: sci and doc
  • Prefixes: ante- and pre-
  • Dialects

Lesson 11

  • Roots: uni, duo, bi, tri, quad, quart, quin, sex, sept, oct, novem, dec, cent, mill, semi, and multi
  • Latin Roots That Have Become Prefixes
  • Prefixes and Suffixes
  • Semantic Study: Specialization

Lesson 12

  • Review

Lesson 13

  • Roots: mov, mob, mot and ag, act
  • Suffixes: -ous and -ose
  • The Celtic Period

Lesson 14

  • Roots: fac, fic; and opera
  • Adjective-forming Suffixes: -able and -ible
  • Early Latin Influences
    • Lesson 15

      • Roots: tract, trah and pel, puls
      • Adjective- and Noun-forming Suffix: -al
      • The Old English Period

      Lesson 16

      • Roots: lig; ten, tin, tain; solv, solu; and rupt
      • Adjective- and Noun-forming Suffixes: -ent and -ant
      • Roman Catholic Influences

      Lesson 17

      • Roots: tend, tens, tent; flex, flect; plic, plex; and press
      • Adjective- and Noun-forming Suffixes: -an and -ian
      • Semantic Study: Elevation and Degeneration

      Lesson 18

      • Review

      Lesson 19

      • Roots: pend, pens and empt, em
      • Prefixes: ex- and e-
      • First Bible Accounts in English

      Lesson 20

      • Roots: duc; sequ, secut; fer, lat; and later
      • Prefixes: de- and sub-
      • Old English Dialects

      Lesson 21

      • Roots: vert, vers; volv, volu; and circum
      • Prefix: com-
      • Characteristics of Old English

      Lesson 22

      • Roots: mit, miss; cede, ceed, cess; and ven, vent
      • Prefixes: in- and inter-
      • Characteristics of Old English

      Lesson 23

      • Roots: pos, pon; loc; stat, stit, sist; and grad, gress
      • Prefixes: ne-, neg-, in-, and dis-
      • Semantic Study: Metaphorical Usage

      Lesson 24

      • Review

      Lesson 25

      • Roots: cap; cor, cord; man; corp; and carn
      • Verb-forming Suffixes: -ate; -fy, -ify; and -ize, -ise
      • Obsolete Old English Characters

      Lesson 26

      • Roots: pater, patr; mater, matr; frater, fratr; and fili
      • Noun-forming Suffixes: -y, -ty, and -ity
      • Old English Place Names

      Lesson 27

      • Roots: can, fel, vacc, bos, equ, and sus
      • Adjective-forming Suffixes: -ile and -ine
      • Old English Place Names

      Lesson 28

      • Roots: sen and juven
      • Diminutive Suffixes: -ule, -let, -ette
      • Danish Influences

      Lesson 29

      • Abbreviations of Latin Origin
      • Suffixes and Prefixes
      • Semantic Study: Abstract and Concrete Meanings

      Lesson 30

      • Review

      Lesson 31

      • Roots: port, aqua, and nav
      • Prefixes: trans- and per-
      • The Norman Conquest

      Lesson 32

      • Roots: cid; cid, cis; and sect
      • Prefixes: super-, sur- and ultra-
      • The Middle English Period

      Lesson 33

      • Roots: cap, cip, cept; mand; reg, rect; leg, lect; and leg
      • Prefixes: re- and se-
      • Middle English Literature

      Lesson 34

      • Review

      Review Lesson Test Sentences

      Final Test—Test Sentences

      Spelling Dictionary

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