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When the Ground Shakes

The 2023 earthquake in Turkey and Syria

On February 6, 2023, a 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck Turkey and Syria, killing thousands of people and affecting millions more. The damage and suffering was widespread and devastating.

The author, Shawn Martin, woke up in the middle of this dreadful nightmare. His personal story is one of the 15 firsthand accounts in this book.

As you read the heartbreaking stories and look at the pictures of destruction, you will be transported into these survivors' shoes. You may never experience an earthquake, but after reading When the Ground Shakes, you will know what it feels like. More info...


"And now, Dolly dear," says Rosa with a grin, "sit here and watch us; we're almost ready... to begin."

It is washday!

Two young sisters scrub their doll clothes in the summer sun—dresses and sleepers, bibs and socks. What could be more fun!

Together they persevere when things go wrong; together they search for a missing dolly. Learn with them the sweet joy of forgiveness.

Written for preschoolers and young readers, with full-page illustrations to help tell the story. More info...

The Habit Hunt

A habit? What is a habit? What does it look like? Does it live in the barn, or does it hide under the bed?

After hunting here and there and everywhere, Curtis and Violet discover that a habit is not a creature at all. When they talk to their mother, she has some wise words for them. More info...

The Red Hen (Book 4) - "Don and Jill Series"

Book 4 of the Don and Jill Series.

"Dad lets Jill have the red hen. It is Jill's pet. It clucks and flaps its wings. Cluck, cluck."

Words are broken into syllables, and pronunciation is included with harder words to help the beginning reader.

Each book in the Don and Jill Series is written to make a child's first reading experiences a pleasure. Simple words and short sentences allow first graders to read a whole book on their own! More info...

Comfort One Another: From a Comforter's Perspective

There is more to a comforter than meets the eye. Follow the path of one—from the perspective of the comforter! Its journey begins as a cotton plant in Egypt. After harvest, the cotton gets woven into a linen and becomes a bedsheet. After being shipped to America, it adorns the bed of a wealthy elderly woman. After its elastic wears out, the linen makes a trip to a second-hand store. There it is discovered by a Mennonite lady and her daughters.

The linen is then sewn into a comforter. Join the comforter as it returns to Africa—this time to bless someone in need The comforter ends up in the hut of a poor family and witnesses a remarkable transformation.

This unique story can be enjoyed by all ages and will warm your heart. More info...

Nosy Miss Bianca - "Happy Day Farm Series"

From the Happy Day Farm Series.

Miss Bianca is a brown cow that lives on Happy Day Farm. She is friendly and good-looking—but she has a problem. She is nosy and always getting into mischief. Will Miss Bianca ever learn her lesson? More info...

Stories of Jesus Sticker Puzzles

Sticker fun with Bible stories! Read a Bible story, then fill in the picture for the story using sticker tiles. This is a book that allows your children to have fun with stickers while also helping them learn more about stories in the Bible. 10 stories and puzzles. Ages 4+. More info...


A story of God's redeeming grace—of triumph over circumstances.

Tanya was devastated. Could the report be true? She knew her papa had drinking problems—but a murderer? She shook her head. Surely not! But how then did the body get into his barn?

Growing up in Ukraine, Tanya faced one crisis after another. Was there no way to find peace? Would she always have to endure this endless drinking, yelling, and stress? She often thought of the singing her Svetta had talked about. She had described it as heavenly. But Tanya tried not to think very much about her sister. It was too painful....

One day Tanya heard such singing. Could this be what her sister had heard? Was God the answer to her problems? Tanya had not realized what she needed—but God did. With His great redeeming grace, He brought peace to her troubled heart.

She would need it for the battle that was yet to come.... More info...

War Bride

Marrying an American soldier led Paula on a life of adventure. But a tragic disappointment threatened her spiritual journey.

"Have you lost your mind!" Mama shouted. "An American soldier!"

Grandpa stepped in. "Paula assures me that he is a polite young man. She's always shown good judgement."

"That makes this even more shocking." Mama turned toward Paula. "Why can't you find a nice German boy to date?"

This true story follows Paula and Jack Thomas from post-war Germany to the United States where they filled their lives with work, travel, and a longing for a baby who would never come. Paula knew Jack loved his German war bride, but his care could not take away her ache—or her bitterness. But there was Someone who could. More info...

Maria's Refuge

Fodda had no trouble selling his shelled corn as it was scarce that year. But he did not always use his profits wisely. One evening he left after supper without saying why. "Where's Fodda going?" Maria asked Mutta.

Mutta looked very sad. "Why don't you help me wash dishes this evening?"

As the two worked alone in the kitchen, Mutta explained Fodda's addiction to wine.

After the dishes were done, Mutta gathered the girls around the kitchen table and lit the lamp. She told the story of how David faithfully served God even when Saul tried to kill him. "You see," she said earnestly, "God was David's refuge and his strength in his times of trouble. He will be ours too, if we trust and obey Him!"

Maria never forgot what Mutta said. This promise was like a shelter in the storms of life for her.

Maria's Refuge is a moving story of what God can do when a person makes God the refuge of his life. Follow Maria Peters Harder from May 1926—when her family joined others moving from Canada to Mexico—to April 2006—when Maria could say, in the words of her favorite song,

"World, farewell for I am weary,
Heaven beckons me to come;
Peace will be my lot up yonder
And my soul will be at home.
In this world is war and strife,
Vanities and cares of life,
But in Heaven there shall be
Peace and joy eternally." More info...

Lara's Hunger

"Mama," Lara looked up at her mother. "Who is God?"

Mama stared into the darkness. "I don't know. Why do you ask?"

Even as a young girl, Lara had a hunger to know who God is. People said He lived in a place called heaven and could see everything. But why could no one tell her more about Him? And why did people say His name when they were upset?

Growing up in Kazakhstan and Ukraine, life for young Lara was difficult. If only Mama and Papa could get along. Then they could live together as a family and have money to buy lots of food. But maybe it was better this way. Better than having Mama and Papa yelling at each other....

Lara's journey had many twists and turns, many painful memories—her father's tears, a mysterious death, a "haunted" house, cursed drink.... Through it all, Lara had one overriding goal: to learn to know God.

Her heart's cry reached the throne of heaven. Working through His people, God answered Lara's prayer and gave her peace. The hunger in her heart was finally satisfied. More info...

A Farm for Duncan

Will a move to Nova Scotia allow Duncan to raise the small herd he dreams of?

As a lad growing up in Scotland, Duncan MacLean enjoys working with cattle. But Duncan's father, a skilled blacksmith, is unsure about farming. Their small croft barely provides hay for two cows, and some years, the tacksman takes their calves as payment for the rent. Duncan longs for larger fields and a chance to expand their tiny herd. But where?

Uncle Hubert writes from Nova Scotia, telling of the prosperous farm he is building, his desire for cattle from Scotland, and available land in the New World. Should they go, even against Grandfather MacLean's wishes? Is it worth braving the storms at sea, the hardships of the voyage, and the hard work of clearing the Nova Scotian forests?

Then the laird of Glen Mor sells his land, and his crofters are forced to move. Duncan's family decides to book passage across the Atlantic. How will they fare in the New World?

A Farm for Duncan is historical fiction set in the early 1800s. More info...

Pardon's Price

One young woman's dramatic journey of faith as she faces the ultimate test.

As a young woman growing up in the third century, Rachel Gallus has access to all the attractions and excess that Rome has to offer: the games at the Colosseum, vivacious friends, and slaves to attend to her every whim. Yet questions haunt her thoughts—questions of human justice, of purpose in life, and of her own identity.

After viewing a particularly striking martyrdom in the Colosseum, Rachel finds herself in a surprising set of circumstances, bringing her face to face with her own gripping desires and deepest sorrows. As she learns about the faith of the Christians, she is astonished at the price they pay for their beliefs. But she cannot forget what she has seen and heard. Join Rachel as she battles tenaciously through her anger, questions, and fears until she can accept pardon's price. More info...

Where the Road Divides

She had counted the cost, now the decision remained.

In the second century A.D., seventeen-year-old Laurentia finds herself living in Smyrna during a fearful era for followers of Christ. Wanting to live a happy and safe life, she resists her family's urgings to choose the narrow road of Christianity, looking instead for another push path to follow.

Join Laurentia during the last days of the early church leader, Polycarp, as she watches faith being worked out and decides what her eternal inheritance will be.

"And unto the angel of the church in Smyrna write; These things saith the first and the last, which was dead, and is alive; I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich)... Fear none of those things which thou shalt suffer... I will give thee a crown of life."

Polycarp paused and glanced up. "Some of these prophecies are being fulfilled already, but I believe conditions will get worse."

Laurentia shuddered. Prison? Tribulation? Death? She wished she could escape this discussion. But her grandfather was going on.

"I know that becoming a Christian may sound fearful; I'm not going to deny that it does bring danger. But there's so much more to it than that."

He smoothed the parchment gently with one hand. When he looked up, tears stood in his eyes. "Rich in Christ is what we are. The world has nothing to offer. I hope you will discover that for yourselves."

Laurentia stared into the fire, the urge to weep strong within her. She was so tired of everything—the fear, the unrest, and the dread that had haunted her for so many months.

More info...

Waters in the Wilderness - and Other Stories

Stories from the days of our Forefathers

"You are welcome to come to our meeting."

Stunned, Agatha stood wordless. At last she croaked, "I'll think about it."

With a nod and a smile, Lisbet was gone.

Mutter to herself, Agatha closed the door. The nerve of her! What made Lisbet think that a woman of nobility would attend a motley gathering of heretics?

Based off true accounts, Waters in the Wilderness is a compilation of stories that speak of the faithfulness of our Anabaptist forefathers. An encouraging read for the believer, both young and old. More info...

Storm Song (Book 7) - Amish Frontier Series

Book 7 in the Amish Frontier Series; a sequel to Steamboat Rock.

"Today's the day we disappear." So said Hettie Yoder to her friend on August 16, 1943. Why would two teenage girls need to disappear?

1943 is a tumultuous year for the Yoder family. Far away at CPS camp, Elam is facing challenges too. How should a conscientious objector act when he boards a train full of sneering soldiers?

To top it all off, Father ends up in prison!

For the world as a whole, 1943 is tumultuous as the war grinds on, leaving a trail of bloodshed and heartache.

But tumults and storms are the chariots of almighty God; all is in His power. More info...

Steamboat Rock (Book 6) - Amish Frontier Series

Book 6 in the Amish Frontier Series; a sequel to Arrow in the Sky.

"There will be bears," people warned the Yoders when they move to Michigan's Upper Peninsula.

Bears? During the Yoders' first months at their new home, the only dangers crossing their path are in the form of snapping turtles, shingle pigs and submerged fences. The lack of bears becomes a Yoder family joke. In fact, 13-year-old Hettie can't wait to meet one....

It is 1941, and the Second World War casts a long black shadow over life. With the War the Yoders face new trials and challenges. Will Joshua and Elam be drafted into the army?

When Hettie finally meets her bear, she begins to understand how Peter felt when all his boastful courage drained away that night in the high priest's palace.

Among the rocks and hills of the Michigan wilderness, the Yoders learn anew the truth taught by the Psalmist so many years ago: "The Lord is my rock...." More info...

Arrow in the Sky (Book 5) - Amish Frontier Series

Book 5 in the Amish Frontier Series; a sequel to Paradise Valley.

No jobs—no money—no food. This became a little refrain that you heard practically every day in the early 1930's.

Operating a rice farm in Arkansas, the Yoder family had plenty of food. But money was another matter. The plans to buy homes for Abner and Noah had to wait.

Through it all, God worked miracles of love and sharing. Wandering the roads in search of work, families came along needing food and a warm place to stay. Like thousands of others during the Great Depression, the Yoder family shared the little they had with the destitute.

Joshua learns that life is like an arrow shot into the sky. Though we do not know where the arrow will go, God is in control and He can always be trusted. More info...

Paradise Valley (Book 4) - Amish Frontier Series

Book 4 in the Amish Frontier Series; a sequel to A Song for the King.

School had become a nightmare for Hannah and Abner Yoder. They respected their parents for taking a stand against modern education. But the parents hadn't dreamed that the officials would actually seize the children and take them away to an orphanage!

After such an experience, Ben Yoder was ready to go pioneering with his family again, to a country where the government would not tell him how to educate his children.

Mexico seemed to be the answer. Cheap, fertile land and few school laws—it sounded like the right place to go. Paradise Valley was the name of the area where the Yoders bought land.

Was it paradise? Oh, no indeed. All sorts of interesting and disappointing and even frightening experiences awaited the Yoders in Mexico.

But in the end it was worth it all, for God's loving care watched over them. More info...

A Song for the King (Book 3) - Amish Frontier Series

Book 3 in the Amish Frontier Series; a sequel to The Treasure Hunt.

Homeless. Nobody likes the sound of that word. Thirteen-year-old Lydia Yoder certainly didn't. But that was how she felt—homeless.

The Yoder family was on the move again, first working for produce farmers at Ordway, then on to Montana. Lydia's parents teach her that a heart trusting in God is never homeless.

An Amish community had been started in Montana some years before the Yoders arrived. But life is still full of pioneer hardships for the Yoders. Lydia's 8-year-old nephew Noah has his adventures too. On the first night in their new home, monsters threaten to eat the house!

It is 1914 and Europe is at war. The fighting is far away, yet its effects reach America. Lydia learns that no one is free of the evil that causes war—but the gift of Christ's forgiveness is free to all. All mankind may sing a song to the King. More info...

The Treasure Hunt (Book 2) - Amish Frontier Series

Book 2 in the Amish Frontier Series; a sequel to Blossoms on the Roof.

To young Joe Yoder, Colorado was the land of the gold rush. He had learned about the adventuresome days in the 1800's when Colorado's population became swollen with gold-seekers.

But the Yoder family was not moving to Colorado to find gold. All they wanted was cheap land so their sons could start farming. So they left North Dakota, where land had become expensive in the fifteen years they lived there.

Colorado offered many of the same challenges they had faced in North Dakota. Dry weather farming isn't easy. Joe dreamed of an easier life. What if he were to find gold in the stream, just as those earlier gold seekers had?

He learns to know an old gentleman who has panned gold for most of his life. Together, the old man and the boy learn what is the true treasure in life. More info...

Blossoms on the Roof (Book 1) - Amish Frontier Series

Book 1 in the Amish Frontier Series.

It was time to board the train! Susan gave Polly one last hug, then she stepped back. Father gripped Polly's hand tightly, picked up Jakie, and led the way to the passenger car.

It was 1894 and times were hard for the Yoder family as they struggled to survive. When Father announced they could get free land in faraway North Dakota, it seemed almost too good to be true.

They left Grandpa and Grandma and their many friends behind as they boarded the train waiting to take them on their adventure. When they arrived, they found themselves in the midst of a prairie. How will they build a house in the middle of nowhere? Where will they get firewood with no trees around? Then one day they saw a huge billow of smoke and terrified animals running for their lives...

Yes, life in North Dakota was not easy, but God was good and they found that He never let them down. More info...

Courage that Counts - and Other Stories of Pioneer Days

George thinks his schoolmaster is too strict. Mary is fearful because it is 1812, and American soldiers are invading Upper Canada. Joshua feels he is partly to blame for a forest fire. Katie enjoys driving her fiery colt. Lydia learns that sin starts small and grows into something bigger. John learns the Bible way of dealing with anger. A field of wheat helps Esther understand why we need the Saviour.

Children aged 11-13 were no different in pioneer days than they are today. The lessons learned in these stories are lessons we still need today.

But the way of living certainly was different back in the 1700s and 1800s! Those hardy pioneers either had to make things themselves or do without. More info...

An Alternative Way to Serve Our Country

Serving our country is usually equated with joining the military, defending our country, and sometimes causing bloodshed and destruction. But can Christians do this and obey Jesus' teaching to "love your enemies"?

Thankfully, there is an alternative. The U.S. government grants us the opportunity to serve our country in a way that honors both God and man. In contrast to the life-long trauma experienced by many soldiers, this alternative enriches the lives of those who serve and often fosters a greater commitment to live for God and the good of others. More info...


How power and politics distract us from our mission

What is our mission in making the world a better place? The church is called to demonstrate Jesus Christ. We are to love what He loves and be burdened by the things that burden Him. We want wars to cease, peace to reign, and evil to stop. We rejoice when upright leaders are elected and good laws are passed. In the battle between right and wrong, we want light to triumph over darkness!

How engaged should followers of Jesus be in all this? Should believers vote, sign petitions, or boycott ungodly corporations? What is our role in stopping evil and advancing God's kingdom?

In this thought-provoking book, Gary Miller takes a closer look at these pressing questions and how we should respond. At times it feels like evil is winning, and we are doing too little to fight the growing darkness. Should we resist by being more involved in earthly politics and power? Or will this put us in danger of becoming sidetracked from our true mission? More info...

Dear Daughter

366 Daily Inspirations for Young Ladies

Whose daughter are you?

For Abraham's servant, this was an important question. The girl he brought home to be Isaac's wife had to be of a good lineage. So he asked Rebekah bluntly, "Whose daughter are you?"

Dutifully, Rebekah explained her parentage. And Abraham's servant was impressed. But I wonder: what impressed him most? Rebekah's parentage or her courteous behavior in drawing water for his camels?

Now, dear daughter, I ask you the same question: whose daughter are you? Surely your desire is to be a daughter of the King and to fit the psalmist's description, "The king's daughter is all glorious within: her clothing is of wrought gold!"

What you are within—that is what makes you a daughter of the King. Do you believe in Jesus, thus cleansing your heart through His blood? Are you clothed in the glorious robe of His righteousness? Then you, too, can be like Rebekah and bring forth the good works that show whose daughter you are.

And when I call you "daughter," it is not because you are mine—but a daughter of the King! More info...

The Girl Inside

A Handbook for Beautiful Living

In a world of contradictory messages to young women, how can a Christian girl know what is true? Cultural influence says you are what you look like. Social pressures say your behavior doesn't matter. But God says the hidden person of the heart is the most important. Have you wondered:

  • Is my body good enough?
  • How can I know if I'm flirting?
  • Should I feel guilty for fantasizing and crushing on boys?
  • Why can't I get along with my mother?
  • What if I stay single all my life?
  • How can I know what God wants me to do right now?

This book explores such questions—and others—from a biblical perspective, inspiring young women to make choices that will nurture The Girl Inside. More info...

God's Glory in the Church - A Devotional Commentary on Ephesians

Ephesians contains the most extensive and sublime teaching on the church in the New Testament. Paul opens the portals between the seen and unseen, revealing the glorious work God is doing for the church. He explains our spiritual union with Jesus in the heavenly places and shows God's will for how believers should live and interact with others.

The Father is making His people His sacred dwelling, shaping each believer according to His perfect blueprint and placing them alongside brothers and sisters in Jesus. This living, glowing, ever-expanding monument to the glory of God includes all saints of all time. And you and I have been invited to participate!

This phrase-by-phrase commentary on Ephesians is more devotional than exegetical. Although attention is given to grammatical construction and nuances in the Greek language, the intention is to enable readers today to appreciate the letters as readers would have in Paul's day. More info...

Exploring... The Epistles to the Thessalonians

From the "Exploring..." Bible Study Series.

"We give thanks to God for you all." "For ye are our glory and joy." "For now we live, if ye stand fast in the Lord." Never did Paul write more warmly than he did to the church at Thessalonica. The church was so new, the people in it were so precious, and persecution and deception threatened. He wrote of "night and day praying exceedingly" on their behalf.

Paul also wrote of some basics that a fledgling church should know. "This is the will of God, even your sanctification." "Study to be quiet, and to do your own business." "Edify one another, even as also ye do." "Be not soon shaken."

The letters to the Thessalonians are known for their information about the Lord's return. Especially precious are the promises, "For the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout: ... and so shall we ever be with the Lord. Wherefore comfort one another with these words."

These are letters, not only to the Thessalonians, but also to us. They relate to issues that are as old as human nature and as modern as tomorrow. More info...

Rosanna in the Middle

Once, along a country road in Wisconsin, lived a girl named Rosanna. Rosanna lived between her two grandmas—Grandma Anna up the road, who laughed a lot and told stories about moving to Wisconsin long ago; and Grandma Anna down the road, who loved beautiful things but loved God even more. Rosanna liked to think of herself as Rosanna in the middle.

Join Rosanna as she learns from her grandmas to see herself as part of a much larger family of God. There is God's family up the years and God's family down the years, and she is Rosanna in the middle. More info...

Hetty's Secret

Rebekah liked to talk to the hens as she fed them and gathered the eggs. But wait! This morning there were only five hens. Hetty was missing! Silently Rebekah gathered the eggs. Hetty's egg was missing too!

After breakfast Hetty was back in her pen. Rebekah didn't know what to think. The next day the same thing happened. Where could Hetty be going?

Very early the next morning Rebekah watched carefully. There she was—flying over the fence! As Hetty started down the path, Rebekah followed...

Based on a true happening, this delightful story will warm your heart and strengthen your faith. More info...

Circles of Kindness in Africa

"Please, Maame, can't you stay home another day?" Ami pleaded as her mother was preparing to catch the taxi.

"You know it's my turn to take care of Aunt Salome," her mother reminded her.

Five days without her mother! Right then, Ami thought life was unfair!

How does Sister Joyce from her church show her kindness?

What does Papa do for her when she is worried?

How does Ami learn that her mother does care about her?

Experience with Ami a few days of life in Ghana West Africa.

Directions and patterns for making dolls, a doll dress, and a sock monkey are included with the book. More info...

Prairie Child

Rilla loved her home in a small farming community on the windblown Alberta prairies. Surrounded by a passel of fun-loving cousins and siblings, Rilla reveled in the joy of carefree moments and shivered through frightening ones: a night raider, an angry bull, a hailstorm and blizzard, and a runaway '56 jalopy.

Rilla endured her share of growing pains, and the public school she attended tested not just the three Rs but her character too. Guided by watchful, loving parents, Rilla thrived despite her mistakes.

Running through these rollicking stories from the author's childhood are shining threads of love and laughter, warm family relationships, faith, gratitude, and God's care. Prairie Child is a book the whole family will enjoy. More info...

The Silent Whistle - and other stories of faith and courage

The occupants of the car stared straight ahead. Out of the corner of his eye, Ervin could see the policeman move his arm. Oh, no! If the policeman blew his whistle, they would have to stop and be searched. "Please, Lord!"

Nicu and Cristi caught their breath. They were on a dangerous mission and must not get caught. They strained their ears. What was that sound? Someone—or something—was moving through the corn! Could it be the secret police? Suddenly they heard a gruff voice—"Who's there?"

"Peter!" Mr. Bernic thundered. "I'm warning you about the new religion in town. They don't even pray to the saints. They are false teachers! Do you understand?"

Yes, Peter understood. Until he heard their church service from the pear tree...

This collection of true stories by Johnny Miller is based in Romania and Ukraine. Although written especially for children and young people, these stories of faith and courage will inspire people of all ages—anyone who enjoys reading about the power of God and the faith of His people. More info...

Summer of the Lambs

Joyce and her family were sitting at the table when Father shared some exciting news. "Just last evening, Hugo offered me bum lambs."

"Oh, good!" Joyce squealed. "May I have one? I'll feed it, Father! You won't have to worry about it at all. It would come when I called, and it would follow me all around."

"Bum lambs die," Nancy said. "Remember last year when Hugo brought us so many? The only one that lived was the one Mother kept by the stove."

In spite of the difficulties in raising bum lambs, Father and Mother decide to try again. This time it will be Joyce's project, and although the others help, she is responsible for the lambs.

Through the summer that follows, Joyce lovingly cares for each little lamb. As she does so, she begins to understand beautiful lessons about life and the Good Shepherd who loves and cares for her. More info...

Something to Crow About

I wish I could go back and change the things I handled wrong,
But could I make things better now? It's been this way so long!

On his first day at a new school, Jeremiah Shank shoves a classmate to the ground. Too proud to apologize, he tries to act tough when the other boys pick on him in retaliation.

Jeremiah is lonely and miserable until a crow he befriends teaches him a lesson. Will Jeremiah be able to control his temper and repair his broken relationships? Told with rollicking rhymes, Something to Crow About is an entertaining story with a serious message about kindness and friendship. More info...

Around the Homestead Word Search Puzzles

Around the Homestead includes 81 word search puzzles of items found around the homestead. Each word search contains an extra puzzle at the bottom for added enjoyment.

Travel from the pond to the attic, from the basement to the chicken coop, from the kitchen to the orchard... and see what you can find around the homestead! More info...

Sarah Weaver - "Conqueror Series"

From the Conqueror Series.

Amish painter of "The Broad and Narrow Way"

As she grew older, Sarah began to realize that her weakening muscles were changing her life. Rather than focusing on her handicaps, she prayed that God would show her how to honor Him with her paintbrushes. He answered with The Broad and Narrow Way painting, which continues to speak long after Sarah's death. For young readers.

See also:

More info...

A Paintbrush in God's Hand - "Overcomer Series"

The story of Sarah Weaver, handicapped painter and writer

Sarah watched carefully as the pitcher threw the ball. Here it came. Gritting her teeth, she swung with all her might. Crack! The ball sailed past the pitcher as Sarah raced for first base. But what was wrong? Her legs didn't seem to work right. Halfway there, she tumbled to the ground. Undaunted, she rose and kept going.

To Sarah's dismay, what began as a weakness in her legs soon became worse. Her days of playing ball were over. Eventually she had to accept a wheelchair. But Sarah was not one to mope and whine. Her rule of life became, "If God tells me to do something, He will give me the strength to do it."

Despite her handicap, God worked through Sarah. Her well-known painting, The Broad and Narrow Way, has been an inspiration to many people. Sarah's example shows that by yielding to God, we can be "a paintbrush in God's hand."

See also:

More info...

Strength and Trust Word Search Puzzles

2 new titles in the "Word Search Puzzles" series:

  • Strength—The Bible verses in these puzzles remind us that the strength we need to face life comes from God. The Bible tells us, "Wait on the LORD: be of good courage, and he shall strengthen thine heart" (Psalm 27:14).
  • Trust—The Bible verses in these puzzles remind us to trust God in each situation we face. The Bible tells us, "It is better to trust in the LORD than to put confidence in man" (Psalm 118:8).

More info...

Something Extra for Ryanne

A day in the life of a Down syndrome child

Ryanne is five years old. She enjoys playing with her sisters and brother. She helps with the chores. She takes good care of her doll Jenna, just like other little girls.

But there is one difference. God gave Ryanne something extra—something so small that no one can see it. Because of this tiny gift from God, Ryanne has Down syndrome. This makes her special to everyone who knows her.

Come spend the day with Ryanne! More info...

Sally Anna Is Curious - "Green Meadow Series"

From the Green Meadow Series.

Sally Anna found the whole world a delightful place. She was always sticking her little goat nose into this thing and that thing to see what she could find. Light as a feather, she danced here and there, discovering new and wonderful things.

But one day Sally Anna's curiosity got her in trouble when she inched her nose too close to the beehives. The honeybees did not like a goat at their beehive home.

What do you think happened? More info...

Grandma's Song

While Father and Mother are far away on a trip, Heidi stays at Aunt Sarah's house. It is special to stay with Aunt Sarah and hear her stories and help her with her work. Each day is filled with interesting tasks, especially since Aunt Sarah still uses many old-fashioned things, like a dry sink and a wringer washer.

Grandma lives with Aunt Sarah too, but Grandma can't walk around anymore. She can't talk or sing or eat by herself. She can only lie quietly in her bed. But she can still listen to Aunt Sarah and Heidi sing her special song.

This is a loving story about caring for the elderly, told from a child's viewpoint. More info...

The Deacon's Helpers

"What? Do I smell smoke?" Elizabeth sat up in bed when she heard Father open Jake's bedroom door.

"Jake, where are you?" Father called loudly.

"Here in the closet. Oh, Mr. Stutzman! I'm so sorry. So sorry for the mess," Jake gasped heavily.

Many years ago, nine-year-old Elizabeth and her younger brothers live in their happy home at Honey Run. When Father is ordained deacon for their church, life for their family changes. Father becomes very busy with church work, and he says that his children can be his helpers. Elizabeth is happy to be the deacon's helper, and she soon finds that their family's new role brings some special—and sometimes very surprising—experiences. More info...

My ZYX Book

Children can find five hidden letters in every picture! Each of the letters of the alphabet has a page spread: a full-color drawing on the left and a short poem on the right, using the featured letter. A variety of subjects are mentioned in the poems. The book starts with Z and ends with A. More info...

Faith and Flames in the Shenandoah Valley

Terrified, the Brennemans watched as great leaping flames and thick columns of smoke rose from the Ralston's barn first, and then the Burkholder's and Rhodes's.

"They're coming!" Timothy shrieked when a small contingent [of soldiers] galloped down the Broadway Road.

Father was standing in the driveway when they arrived. "Please don't burn our buildings!" he begged.

Two Mennonite families, Daniel Wengers and Noah Brennemans, face the horrors and hardships of civil war in the once-peaceful Shenandoah Valley. Booms of cannon and screams of wounded men shatter the peace. Raids by alternating armies deplete well-stocked pantries and granaries. Fathers and young men go into hiding. Happy family life suffers strain and disruption. Dreaded diphtheria sends innocent children to the grave.

Through all this, faith in God shines brighter than the flames of destruction. Both young and old find shelter and peace in God's everlasting arms. Spiritual life in the church is stirred. Convictions on nonresistance are tested to the breaking point yet grow stronger under trial.

Faith and Flames in the Shenandoah Valley opens a window into Mennonite life in Virginia in the mid 1800s. Church history and nineteenth century customs come alive in this well-researched story. This book will prepare readers for the time when our faith may be tested. More info...

Better Safe Than Sorry

Real-life stories, tips, and more—a guide to everyday safety

Accidents seem to be a part of life. Almost every day we hear or read of people getting hurt. Maybe it's a bicyclist who gets hit by a car or a hunter who falls out of a tree stand. Or a house catches fire. Accidents happen so often that we almost get used to them. But could many of them be prevented? Are there things we can do to avoid being the next one who gets hurt?

This book presents real-life stories of accidents and calamities people have experienced—often because of unwise choices—and what they have learned from them. Some of the dangers might be surprising: How can small watch batteries turn out to be deadly? Why should bicyclists be aware of "dooring"? How can you shoot a hole through a window with an "empty" gun?

This book will answer these questions and provide a wealth of other safety information. It will help us go through life as God intends—by trusting Him while also applying wisdom and common sense. More info...

"From Field to Table Series" Set of 3

This charming series of books offers a window into the process of making some of the delicious treats we enjoy. Each book highlights a specific season where we get to join young children helping their parents on the journey "from field to table" as the whole process is described with simple words and captivating photos. More info...

Once Upon a Bedtime in a Faraway Land

Oliver lies in bed and imagines traveling around the world. Who might he meet? What kind of bed would he sleep in?

I would see new sights and make new friends,
and at night I would pillow my head
In a different land with different sounds,
and a different kind of bed.

From a goat-hair tent to a snowy igloo, from a jungle hammock to a rooftop mat, take a bedtime trip around the world with Oliver and marvel at the places and people in God's big world. More info...

Kernels of Hope

Little Mary's Journey to Canada

"How will I take along the wheat?" Papa wondered. "We need every kernel to grow wheat in the new land."

Susannah was worried about Little Mary, her cloth doll. "Please, Papa!" she begged. "Just like you want to take your wheat, I want to take my doll!"

Kernels of Hope is set during the Russian Mennonite migration to Manitoba, Canada, in the late 1880s. Join Susannah, her doll, and her family on a long hard journey by wagon, train, and ship to a new home for their people and their faith. More info...

Small Wonders: Special Moments With Little People

With an extraordinary sense of wonder, young children delight in the simple things of life: touching a puppy's soft fur, sharing milk and cookies with a friend, or watching a bubble float into the sky. The joy of rolling pie dough with Grandma or riding on Daddy's back creates special moments of closeness.

Small Wonders is a book to share with the little people in your life. The twenty-four tiny stories and colorful pictures capture moments of awe, love, or action that you can enjoy together. The short verses and prayers instill an awareness of God with each experience. More info...

Surprised by Success

Stories and life lessons from the author's experiences

Have you ever thought you couldn't do something, but then to your surprise, you were able to do it after all? Merle wasn't a hunter. When his friends invited him to go deer hunting, he said, "What's the point of me going hunting? I couldn't hit a deer if I saw one."

But he borrowed a bow and went along for the camaraderie of the hunt. When a buck walked into sight and stood within range, Merle knew he needed to at least try for it. He was stunned by the result!

Surprised by Success includes sixty-five stories of both successes and failures from the author's life. Each story begins with a question and concludes with a lesson or nugget of wisdom, making this book useful for personal reading or a resource for parents and teachers. Readers of all ages will enjoy these stories and be encouraged to live wisely. More info...

2024 Homemaker's Friend Daily Planner

Designed for the busy homemaker, this planner will help you efficiently organize your schedule and de-clutter your mind. Includes pages for yearly, monthly, and weekly planning (2 extra transitional months included), as well as space for tasks, events, and addresses. A handy section of perforated pages in the back is included for weekly shopping lists—enough for the whole year. Thumb tabs, perforated page-corners, a magnetic bookmark, and contextual calendars make this a fast reference tool. Along with inspirational quotes, weekly Scripture verses point you to the homemaker's true Source of all help and hope.

Packed with friendly features:

  • Page size: 5.5" x 8.5"
  • 14-months for easy transitioning
  • Holidays and Daylight Savings Time alerts
  • Inspirational quotes heading each section
  • Scripture promises for each week
  • Contextual calendars on week and month views for quick orientation
  • Tabs, perforated page-corners, and magnetic bookmark for quick reference
  • Tear-out shopping lists
  • Pocket storage inside back flap

More info...


A journey to abundant hope in marriage and motherhood.

Choosing to respect your husband should be as simple as making a vow and then sticking with that decision, shouldn't it? The author of this engaging marriage book did not find it so easy.

With humble honesty and humor, Dorcas Showalter tells her story of learning to navigate—sometimes unsuccessfully—the perils of marriage and motherhood as she and her husband moved from Ohio to Idaho to Montana and to South America.

Flourish offers encouraging, Biblical counsel on becoming a beautiful woman who glorifies God by honoring her husband and accepting life's challenges with joy and contentment. Along the way, you will also learn piety of practical tips and suggestions on everything from housekeeping and home decorating, to pleasing your husband, to training your children, and much more.

As you surrender your way to His, God's grace can enable you to become a flourishing woman who brings love and joy to your husband and home. More info...

God Is Enough

How I Found Peace in a Difficult Marriage

Growing up in a Christian home, Virginia Crider never imagined she would marry an unbeliever. But she did. Her return to the Lord after ten years of difficult married life plunged her into even greater conflict with her husband. How could she handle his alcohol-fueled taunts and insults? Must she bear with his accusations and lies? What should she do when he demanded that she go against her conscience?

Virginia prayed earnestly for God's help and searched for answers in His Word. She had gotten into this trial in the first place by neglecting Scripture and her relationship with God, and only through God's grace and faithful obedience to His Word would she have any hope of victory.

God answered Virginia's pleas for wisdom and strength, filling her with peace in a painful, turbulent marriage. God Is Enough is the true story of how she found security, experienced the power of prayer and forgiveness, and sought to love and respect her husband despite the pain he brought her. Her story is a powerful testimony that God can turn severe trials into triumphs. More info...

Hope for the Mourning

For those who grieve miscarriage or infant loss

Can this be happening to us? Our doctor has just told us that something is wrong—our baby will not live. Surely this is a bad dream.

The loss of a child is a profound bereavement. Parents grieve not only the loss of a beloved baby, but also the loss of what that child represented. Children represent the hope of a family, especially for first-time parents. They represent a part of the parents themselves—their dreams and expectations.

Losing a baby, whether through miscarriage or a later death, changes a mother and family forever. Though the journey to healing may be grueling, the pain and sorrow can be endured. God's arms are underneath, and His abundant grace is sufficient for each moment.

Though Hope for the Mourning is written from a mother's perspective and includes experiences and quotes from many mothers, husbands will find help here also. In addition, friends and church families who read this book will better understand how to support and show compassion to those who grieve. More info...

Hope for a Mother's Heart

Twenty-Five Stories to Encourage and Inspire

The calling to motherhood isn't for the faint of heart. It takes both a heart of gold and a heart of steel—and you always need a fresh dose of HOPE.

Maybe it's spilled milk, a cluttered floor, broken dishes, or a clock that moves too fast. Maybe it's a broken heart, failure in patience, or teenage rebellion... Or maybe you are just tired.

Take this book and settle down with a cup of coffee or tea. Or gently rock your little one as you read one story at a time. Laugh with the author and cry with her. And most of all, reach out desperately with her for more of God—in both the good times and the messy ones.

In this journey of motherhood, you are never alone. God will provide courage, strength, and HOPE. He will carry you through! More info...

Grade 3 Math [3rd Edition] "Exploring Arithmetic" Set

COMING SOON: An alternate workbook-format edition of this course is expected to be available by the end of August. Watch this space for more details.

This 3rd edition (2023) is not compatible with the 1993 edition. The basic concepts of this edition are much the same as the previous edition, but include various improvements such as simple directions in the textbook to help guide the student, and replacing some of the tedious fact copying with other skill-building exercises. Read about changes in Rod and Staff's revised Grade 3 Math curriculum...

Some of the concepts taught are: addition and subtraction facts up to the 18s are reviewed, along with carrying and borrowing, coins, clocks, the calendar, fractions, and measures. Students learn multiplication and division facts through the 9s, multiplication with carrying to the hundreds, and long division with a 3-digit dividend and a 2-digit quotient. They also learn to add, subtract, and compare fractions. Symbols for more than, less than, and same as are taught. Rounding to the nearest hundred or thousand, number of days in a month and year, five-dollar bills, Roman numerals to 30, picture graphs, and measuring to the quarter inch are introduced. A wide variety of reading problems help students apply math to everyday life situations. Continuous review is built into the lessons.

The 170 lessons in grade 3 are bound in one hardcover textbook. Students are taught how to set up their assigned work on notebook paper instead of using workbooks.

Reproducible practice sheets for additional drill, as well as patterns for charts and multiplication and division flash cards, are included together in a separate pack.

Speed drill are provided in a separate booklet with tear-out pages, and chapter tests are also in a separate booklet.

A multiplication/division chart is available, which includes fact strips to place above the chart.

The teacher's manual is essential for the course and comes in two volumes, which contain instructions for the teacher regarding lesson preparation, practice sheets, and drill time. Each lesson shows the pupil's pages full size with answers filled in. Answer keys for practice sheets, speed drills, and tests are also included.

Supplementary items (not included):

More info...

Out of His Abundance

366 Devotionals for Women

In the Biblical story of Ruth, Boaz told his workers, "Let her glean even among the sheaves." As a stranger and newcomer in Israel, Ruth was overwhelmed by his undeserved kindness.

When we recognize our sinfulness and unworthiness, do we like Ruth fall in humility and gratitude at the feet of our Redeemer? As we come to His Word, we hear the echo of that command: "Let her glean." Out of His abundance, we are given far more than we deserve.

This book of 366 devotionals help women from all walks of life glean truth and strength fro God's Word. Each devotional includes a short Bible reading and a thoughtful meditation on the selected Bible text. More info...

A Day with Animals - Color-By-Number Coloring Book

Size: 8.5"×11"

Children of all ages will delight in each page as they color, using the easy-to-follow guide. 32 pages of illustrations include animals of all sorts! More info...

A Day on the Farm - Color-By-Number Coloring Book

Size: 8.5"×11"

Children of all ages will delight in each page as they color. 32 pages of illustrations include: animals, crops, flowers, a tractor, and even a farmer! More info...

Horses and Ponies - Coloring Book

Size: 8.5"×11"

This 32-page book includes illustrations for coloring many different types of horses, interspersed with various related activities. More info...

Jonah and the Big Whale - Coloring and Activity Book

Size: 8.5"×11"

This 32-page book includes the text of the book of Jonah (KJV), followed by story illustrations to color, interspersed with various related activities. More info...

Coincidence or God? You Decide

"How precious also are thy thoughts unto me, O God!... If I should count them, they are more in number than the sand." Psalm 139:17-18

Coincidence or God? You Decide is a collection of episodes the author's family and friends experienced. These stories take place in Mexico and the United States, with characters from both countries. In each story you will find an interesting and sometimes dangerous situation, such as a nine-passenger six-door Excursion traveling sixty miles an hour on the icy Arkansas River Bridge railing in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Read what happened to the nine fathers inside the vehicle. Decide for yourself if God or luck was with them; and the girl whose foot was mangled in a packing plant accident, or the family who were marvelously saved when the train bridge over the San Rafael River broke and the center portion of the train they were in, fell into the river.

In this book you will meet a man who gave his home to a poor family; and a little boy who lost his father's best knife. His mother prayed, and moments later the boy's brother caught the fish with the knife in its mouth. Did that just happen? You decide.

In the days before cell phones, see what happened to a fifteen-year-old boy stranded at Love's Truck Stop in Gallup, New Mexico, 700 miles away from home. You will live through a tornado with the Hightower family in Neosho, Missouri, and shiver with Doña Margarita sitting on her house top during a long stormy night. You will bake with the Children's Christmas Project and learn how much they earned for the Huruma Orphanage in Kenya, Africa, and shout when a man gives Charlotte $500 for a basket of home-made bread.

While swimming at the Baja California coast, you will struggle with Tim against a strong undercurrent that was dragging him out into the Pacific Ocean. Will Tim see his family again?

Were the persons in danger accidentally saved, or did the power and love of God assist them? The author wants you to decide.

Both blessing and difficulty will swirl around us as we walk through life. Romans 8:28 says, "We know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to His purpose." More info...

Adventures with Linny and Lammy (Book 5) - "The Fehr Family Series"

Book 5 of The Fehr Family Series. A sequel to Christopher and the Move.

"Don't be so shy, Linny," Sharilyn's friends and family tell her. Sharilyn does not like when people call her shy. She knows she isn't as talkative as some of her friends, but that doesn't make her shy, does it?

When Sharilyn almost misses an adventurous ride in the neighbor's combine because of her shyness, she must admit it: I guess everyone is right; I am shy.

But shyness doesn't keep Sharilyn and her stuffed lamb from enjoying a road trip to Manitoba, even though they have a scare at a highway rest area.

Sister Susie, the minister's wife, gives Sharilyn an idea for overcoming shyness. But even then, will Sharilyn be brave enough to recite a poem in front of the whole church? More info...

Caught in the Middle

"My name is Javion. I'm four years old. I live with my mom and her boyfriend. Sometimes bad things happen at our house, and I feel scared."

Illustrated with photographs on every page, this children’s book describes Javion's experiences and emotions as he is taken to live with a Christian foster family where he learns about God. More info...

Where Is Lazarus?

The rich man in the Bible couldn't escape poverty. Hungry Lazarus at his gate was a constant reminder that not everyone enjoyed his luxurious lifestyle. Here in America it is different. We can live an entire lifetime without seeing real hunger, extreme poverty, or dogs licking open wounds. With the needs out of sight, it is easy to forget the millions of Lazaruses in our world.

In this book, Gary Miller challenges us to take a closer look at Jesus' story of the rich man and Lazarus. It is easy to feel good in prosperous America about our lifestyle choices. We compare our lives to our affluent neighbors and make decisions based on our prosperous friends. But what if extreme poverty were just outside our door? How would it affect those choices?

How close do you get to people with real needs? Where is Lazarus in your life? More info...

One in a Thousand

Lorene and Marvin Martin looked forward to sharing their closely held secret—not one baby, but two, were joining their family! But things didn't happen the way they expected. Twenty minutes before birth, one baby lost her oxygen supply.

Brittany faced a multitude of medical issues. Would she suffer brain damage? Would her kidneys begin to work, or would she need a transplant? Would she survive septic shock? What caused her recurring fevers? Again and again the doctors shook their heads, amazed at Brittany's determination to live but sometimes baffled by her complex condition. She was one in a thousand!

Join the Martin family as they travel this challenging medical journey with their critically ill daughter. It's a journey marked with hours of joy and days of exhaustion, a journey borne by deep faith, earnest prayers, caring friends, and quiet miracles. More info...

Captured by Gangsters

See also Kidnapped in Haiti for a more in-depth account of this story.

A masked gangster yanked Dale from the driver's seat of the fifteen-passenger van. Another rudely slapped his face while yet another jumped into the van drove off. FAST!

Dale, who is Canadian, and his fellow American missionaries were on an outing in Haiti when armed gangsters suddenly surrounded them.

After being stuffed into the back of an ambulance, Dale could see little as they raced along. When they came to a stop, Dale rejoined his friends as the gangsters lined them up in front of a shack. He was sure they were going to die.

But God had a different plan. More info...

Polly's Birthday Party - "Happy Day Farm Series"

From the Happy Day Farm Series.

Polly has a birthday, and Sparkle the donkey is right in the middle of everything. Does Sparkle like ice-cream cones? A few children, an eager donkey, and a poor cart can quickly bring excitement to children and parents. More info...

The Mission and the Cross

Could the two cultures ever blend and become one? Domingo was not sure. Maybe it was possible; the Spanish thought so. But the differences were so great...

The year was 1772. In their bid to settle California, the Spanish were building Catholic missions throughout the area. These missions had two purposes—to Christianize the native Indians and to keep Spain in control of California.

Young Domingo, a Salinan Indian, faced many struggles as he and his family were forced to change their accepted way of life and adopt a Spanish culture. There were hardships and diseases, and most unsettling of all, agonizing questions: Is the God of the missions the true God? If so, why do the soldiers do such evil deeds?

Portraying both the good and the bad, this book shows how God used the missions, despite their shortcomings, to point the California natives to the cross of Jesus Christ. More info...

The Twila Stories

Twila understands what is most important in life. What can we learn by watching her?

Twila sells fresh bread, cheese, and eggs in a mission setting in Bolivia. Twila loves the Lord, but that doesn't mean her life is problem-free.

When Juan Montoya not only refuses to pay her but also laughs with his friends about cheating her, what should Twila do? Is Twila supposed to be thankful when she tears a hole in her favorite powder-blue dress? And how can Twila tell the "spider woman" in the marketplace about God when the spider woman believes that Twila is a daughter of the devil?

The Twila Stories is a collection of teaching stories, originally crafted to be shared aloud with children and youth. Twila is not a real person, but she represents the many Christians who turn to God to find answers to life's challenges through prayer, the Scriptures, and godly counsel. She is a role model for all of us. More info...

Mercy and Salvation Word Search Puzzles

2 new titles in the "Word Search Puzzles" series. More info...

Angel Wolf

Being a Christian in the Soviet Union in the 1930s was not easy. When Pavel chose to obey God rather than men, the authorities arrested him and took him to prison. They sent him to Siberia, where it was bitterly cold—and where big wolves lived.

Life in the prison camp was hard, and Pavel suffered from cold and hunger. But God was with him.

This true story tells us how God sent an "angel" to help Pavel. A four-legged one. More info...


The true story of a pet Canada goose

Hatched in an incubator, Waddles began his life at a school in British Columbia. Later he came to live with the Miller family, who found his unpredictable antics highly entertaining.

Who knew a Canada goose could find comfort in a doll? Or that a goose can swallow a whole carrot at once? What would Waddles do when the children tried to teach him to fly? How long would Waddles stay?

The lively family who raised Waddles from a gosling learned many lessons from their sometimes silly goose. Now you can enjoy Waddles too! More info...

Buggy Wheels in May (Book 4) - "Little Eli Series"

Book 4 of the Little Eli Series. A sequel to Harvest Boy of White Hill.

Goose bumps rise on Eli's arms as he follows his friends into the anteroom for instruction for baptism at the Amish church in Stuarts Draft, Virginia. At fifteen, he is still Little Eli, and he sincerely wants to be a child of God. But his struggles after becoming a church member take him by surprise. Where is the peace and confidence he longs for?

Experience with Eli the excitement of joining the youth group, turning a battered old buggy into his own transportation to the Sunday evening singings, and serving at the many weddings that occur in the rapidly growing Amish community.

Will Eli have enough courage to win the friendship of Ruthie, the demure, brown-eyed girl he so highly admires? When change ripples through the Amish community, creating unresolved differences among church members, how will Eli find God's will for his life?

In this fourth and final book in the Little Eli series, the author completes the story of her father's life. More info...

What Is Truth?

Steve and Vihaan are friends at the university. Although both enjoy campus life, their reasons for attending are quite different.

The son of a wealthy software executive, Steve grew up under extreme affluence. All he has ever known is luxurious living. Vihaan, on the other hand, came to America in a desperate attempt to escape the grinding poverty of India. His university scholarship was like winning the lottery, and his friendship and connection with Steve seem like the best hope for himself and his family.

To the bewilderment of Vihaan, Steve finds his privileged life less than satisfying. Longing for real fulfillment, he has come to the university on a quest for meaning and purpose. But he discovers that even his professors don't agree.

In the midst of confusing voices and conflicting opinions, Steve has one burning question: "What is truth?" More info...

In the Shadow of Eternity

The 1500s were a time of great upheaval—a time of change. As people tired of the oppression of the ruling state church, they began to rebel, demanding more freedom.

Although this rebellion was quickly squashed, the hunger for a new and living faith in God led to the rise of the Anabaptists. Despite horrible persecution, the movement spread like wildfire.

Trindl was a young woman caught in these tumultuous times. As she sought to follow the Lord, she faced unspeakable difficulties. Little did she realize that the name and legacy of her husband, Jakob Hutter, would still be known centuries later.

Nor would she and Jakob have cared. Always in danger, with their lives in the very shadow of eternity, their goal was simply to follow Christ—regardless of the cost.

Here in America, we live in prosperous times. We have freedom to worship God as we please, to attend the church of our choice. We can live openly without fear of reprisal. We have so much.

It was not always so. More info...

Passion, Purpose, and Prayer: Poems for the Heart

Poetry packs power in its concise statements, figures of speech, and pointedly developed analogies. It represents a more highly condensed form of thought than does any other literary vessel. We present these poems as examples of excellence, first in truth and integrity and then in beauty and power. More info...

Tree Frog Hollow (Book 1) - "Boomer Creek Series"

Rain! Darkness has fallen, but eleven-year-old Luke Burkholder can see water streaming down the pane. Overhead, rain pounds on the bungalow roof.

The brown waters of Boomer Creek have already flooded almost to the edge of their lawn. "What if we get even more rain? Might the creek flood our house?" he had asked Grandpa earlier that day.

Grandpa had lived at Tree Frog Hollow for many, many years, and his lined face crinkled into a smile. "Hardly. But even if we did get a flood, remember the tree frogs' lesson: Trust in God."

Luke has many occasions in the following days to remember Grandpa's words and put them to practice. More info...

How Beautiful the Dusty Road

Learning to love in a refugee camp in Bangladesh

It was as though a voice were whispering to me over and over, like a father soothing a frightened child, "You don't need to be perfect to show them My love. Just do it for Me... I will never leave you or forsake you."

This was why I had come here, to show the refugees Jesus' love, even across language barriers, so that someday, maybe, they could trust Him as their Savior. I had not come to be the perfect nurse—I had not come to save every life and heal every wound. And so, for Jesus, I bandaged skinned knees and washed the hair on heads split open and bleeding. The joy of the Lord, I repeated to myself as I worked, is my strength.

How Beautiful the Dusty Road is Alison's story of serving as a volunteer nurse in the largest refugee camp in the world. Through the dust and disease, through patients rescued and lost, through relationships and trials, God gave her a greater understanding of what it means to love as He loved. More info...

Joanna of Checkerboard Hills

The Horst family is trying to adjust to their new home in Kentucky. Joanna finds the checkered hills beautiful and the people friendly. But their new house is too small, it lacks running water, and it has an outhouse instead of a bathroom. Their nearest neighbors live in tiny houses that in some cases can only be called shacks. Floods and wildfires threaten the community. But far worse than these are the strife, gambling, drinking, and murder that plague the wretched lives of the people around them.

When Joanna is tempted with discouragement or discontent, she reminds herself of their reason for moving. God has sent their family to tell the people about Jesus and the true peace and joy that only He can give.

This story is based on the actual experiences of a family who served in the 1950s at a little mission church in Kentucky, operated under the Allegheny Conference. More info...

Light Side, Dark Side

Based on a young missionary's experiences in Haiti.

During a childhood visit to Haiti, a deep longing was planted in the author's heart to sometime return and serve there. And she did!

As a missionary years later, Shari Beth encountered much darkness. But there were also pockets of light, people—like Jock—aglow with the joy of the Lord. Jock lived in a tiny windowless room. With no family, he was at the mercy of others. Though his aged body was failing, Jock often sang heartfelt praises to God, tears trickling down his face.

Just down the hill from Jock's house was a dark scene. A party was in the making. Children dashed to greet Shari Beth, clutching her skirt and grinning. In the center of a red flag waving overhead was a single word—Rah-Rah, the native word for Satan worship.

Light Side—Dark Side opens a window into Haitian culture and shows the contrast between God's power and Satan's bondage. Whether it was bandaging wounds in the clinic, bargaining at the market, or worshiping in church, the author cared for everyone she met. Her burden was that they all would be brought from darkness into light. That burden will touch your heart as well. More info...

Too Tiny to Live?

Big brother Jerry's eyes are sober as he hangs up the phone. "His name is Marcus Ray," he announces. "He weighs only one pound and seven ounces. Marcus is doing okay for now, but he is almost too tiny to live."

Too tiny to live? For ten-year-old Kathy, the news is frightening and hard to understand. She has been looking forward to a new baby nephew, but now he is in a big city hospital, fighting for his life. Is it even possible for such a tiny baby to survive? Only God knows, and Kathy and her family place little Marcus in His loving hands. More info...

Young Man, Be Pure

In society today, moral standards are rapidly being cast aside. Christians must be on high alert to keep from being carried out to sea with the tide. No one is immune to this danger. The perfect, natural passions and desires that God placed in men at Creation have been corrupted by the devil into the most subversive and degrading influence known to man.

The battle for purity is often intense. In the face of temptation, it is difficult to lay aside our passions and make prudent decisions. This book clearly explains what moral purity is and helps young men and their mentors understand the battle that Satan wages in his efforts to bind all of us by sensual desires.

Moral purity is a birthright that God has entrusted each one of us. He greatly desires that we walk with Him in holiness, and He has given us every resource we need to live in freedom, above the dissolute society around us.

"Let no man despise thy youth; but be thou an example of the believers, in word, in conversation, in charity, in spirit, in faith, in purity" (1 Timothy 4:12). More info...

A Friend for Nelda - "Happy Day Farm Series"

From the Happy Day Farm Series.

The Pepper family brought long-eared Sparkle to Happy Day Farm to be a friend to Nelda the horse. Nelda did not care at all for Sparkle and made life difficult for her. What could Sparkle do to become Nelda’s friend? More info...

Miracle Boy

101 Minutes of Desperate Prayer and CPR

Mom reach for her phone. "I must call for help." Her fingers trembled as she dialed 9-1-1.

"Union County 9-1-1," said a woman. "What's your emergency?"

"My two-year-old son Dale is missing. I'm afraid he fell into the flooded creek that flows through our property. We need help to find him."

An ambulance rushed Dale to the emergency room. A helicopter rushed him to a second hospital. All the while, paramedics pumped up and down, up and down on his chest to help him stay alive. But there was no response. Dale had been underwater too long.

Miracle Boy is a true story that allows you to ride along with Dale, hear the medics and doctors talking, and watch as family and friends pray that God will save Dale's life. And God does! More info...

"Dutch Freedom Series" Set of 4

"I don't see why you insist on baptism. You were baptized long ago," she pouted.

His reply was gentle. "That was not true baptism. Now, I am prepared to confess my faith in Jesus Christ and receive baptism as a symbol of dying with Him—taking up His cross and living a new life in His power."

Thus spoke Jacob Dirks to his very unhappy wife, Anneken, who definitely did not want her husband to become a "heretic."

Besides Anneken, who resisted the cross of Christ, you will meet in this story two sisters called Adriana and Mariken. The lives of these three women were bound up with three Dirks men—Jacob and his sons.

This series of historical fiction brings to life some of the heritage of the Dutch Mennonites, beginning with the turmoil of the 1560s under the rule of Spain, and tracing several generations through opposition and opportunity, leaving us with questions to ponder for our faith today. More info...

'Til the Thunder Sounds No More

Faithful Christians in Guatemala's Civil War

"I don't want to frighten you needlessly, but violence is increasing here," an experienced missionary told me as we traveled the winding road toward Palamá. It was 1981 and I had just arrived in Guatemala to begin a two-year term as an assistant to John Troyer. I listened with passive interest, not concerned that anything could happen to me, and certainly not frightened. Five months later, John was slain and I was wounded by terrorist gunfire. What I had viewed with detachment became suddenly a very personal watershed in my life. This well-written account will bring to life the heartbreak and triumph of those years. You will become acquainted with these believers by their own testimonies. Let this account of the faithfulness and commitment of these suffering saints inspire you to a simple faith that endures at any cost.

—Gary Miller

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Cornmeal Samaritan

Snug and warm inside the cabin, Esther watched the snow pile as high as the window. She thought of the six old Indians who lived in a wigwam two miles away. Unable to hunt in the snowstorm, would they survive?

Dad was worried about the Indians, too. Together they filled a sack with cornmeal, and Dad swung it over his shoulder. Esther watched as he plowed through the deep snow, trying to be a Good Samaritan. What would he find at the wigwam? Would the Indians remember his kindness?

Based on a true story from 1824, Cornmeal Samaritan shows the blessing of loving those who are different from us. More info...

God Makes a Way

Faith is a young girl living in Liberia. Life is hard, and as she sets off for school she wonders if there will be any rice for supper. She hopes so because she doesn't sleep well when she goes to bed hungry.

This story takes us through Faith's day as she does the things Liberians do so well. She carries things on her head, plays lapa ball, and eats rice—if there is any.

That evening Faith learns something she will never forget: God will make a way. He always does. More info...

Olive Chooses to Love

Fifth book in the Olive Series; sequel to Olive and the Family by the Frog Pond.

The Morrison family has a problem. Their neighbor, Mr. Brown, is angry. He says that the Morrisons built their new goat shed on his land. Father knows that the survey papers say that the land belongs to the Morrisons. But Father is a Christian. He will not fight about a piece of land. What should he do?

Some strange things happen. The goat shed burns to the ground. Someone lets all the air out of the minivan tires. Gyp disappears, and Olive and Colin cannot find him for days. When they finally find him, Gyp is nearly dead.

What is happening? Who is doing these unkind things? Can Olive and Colin love the people who are trying to hurt them?

During this time, the Morrisons have a visitor living with them. The visitor is Sobhi, a man from Egypt. If Sobhi learned to love his enemies, surely Olive and Colin can too! More info...

Tractor Time - Mini Picture Book

Also available in this set.

Size: 6.5"×4.75"

Tractors, tractors, and more tractors! All kinds, all sizes. On the farm, in the field, at the fair. Page after page after page of tractors at work and play. Little Farmer pops up in the most unexpected places, trying to keep track of what's happening.

Can you keep track of busy Little Farmer? More info...

Kidnapped in Haiti

See also Captured by Gangsters for a more compact account of this story.

The Amazing Story of Seventeen Missionaries

October 16, 2021, dawned clear and warm in Haiti—a perfect day for the planned trip to the orphanage. Little did the seventeen missionaries realize they would not make it home that day. Not even when the cry came, "Roadblock ahead!"

Although violence was an expected part of life in Haiti, the missionaries had not sensed any great danger; the gangs normally only wanted their money. Today, however, was different. As the bus hurtled down the road with armed gangsters in control, the missionaries faced a horrifying truth—they were being kidnapped.

For the twelve adults, two teenagers, and three children, the coming days were a harrowing ordeal. As they faced danger, health issues, and possible death, they cried out to God—and He supplied. But one prayer remained unanswered: their prayer for release.

Behind the scenes, mission administrators and government officials grappled with how to address the crisis. Around the world, people prayed.

Though increasingly desperate to leave, the hostages were unable to agree on a course of action.

One day the impasse was finally broken. As they yielded to each other, they became of one heart and one mind. Now God could work.

That night He did. More info...

Blackie the Crow - "Green Meadow Series"

From the Green Meadow Series.

Blackie the Crow was wet and cold. In the dark night, a storm had blown in over the green meadows and Blackie had fallen to the ground below. He could not get back into his nest to Mother and Father Crow.

But a kind man found Blackie and took him along home. The man and his family fed Blackie and took good care of him.

As Blackie grew, he got into all kinds of mischief. He teased the dog, he teased the cat—and he even teased visitors!

But Blackie was just being a crow, the way God had made him. More info...

The Lollipop Store - and Other Stories

Jon knew what would happen next. After Father had paid for everything, the lady behind the counter would look at Jon and say, "Now, young man! Do you need a lollipop today?"

She would hold out those lollipops to Jon and say, "Pick your color. And do you have some brothers and sisters at home? Take enough for them too."

Suddenly Jon thought of something. What if the lady forgot to give him a lollipop? That would be terrible.

Read The Lollipop Store and Other Stories to learn how Jon decided to handle this problem.

From the lollipop store to Rufus the kingly cat, these twelve stories about the escapades of four-year-old Jon and his sister Lucy will provide hours of enjoyment for children—and plenty of life lessons. More info...

Hope for Heidi

A mysterious illness. An uncertain future. A journey of faith.

"Heidi, we need you to stay with us. Come on. Wake up." The paramedic's hand was firm on her shoulder, and his voice sounded loud through her headset.

Heidi pushed against the weight of her eyelids and the pressure of his hands and voice. The midnight darkness outside the windows pushed back. Her body was heavy. So heavy.

That morning Heidi had been a carefree eleven-year-old bustling around and skipping off to school. But by evening she was flat on her back in the hospital, unable to move her legs. What could have gone wrong?

The enemy was eventually identified, but the doctors gave little hope. Barring a miracle, Heidi Weaver would spend the rest of her days in a wheelchair.

As Heidi faced the changes and uncertainties in her life, she could have despaired. But she chose not to. Instead, she found hope for the future and joy for each day by trusting God and serving others. More info...

Out of the Miry Clay

Mauren was uneasy. For days now, Hurricane Mitch had been dumping tons of rain on Nicaragua. Living at the base of Peña de la Cruz made her nervous. Once more she gazed wearily up the side of the mountain. Something caught her eye. Was that a movement? Her heart froze...

Farther west, on the Casita Volcano, Ricardo was checking out his crops on the lower slopes. He too was uneasy. Never had it rained like this. He paused as a sudden rumble arrested his attention. His eyes widened as he looked up the mountainside. In disbelief, he turned to run...

Two families, two mountains—but one storm and one God. This book tells the fascinating story of how God showed His power through a hurricane to draw people into His fold. More info...

Chosen From Among the Worst

Hiding from the law, haunted by his crimes, and desperate for help, Omar finally found God's marvelous grace.

Growing up poor but tough in Nicaragua, Omar Montenegro became fearless and foolhardy. Lured by his uncle's stories of money and glamour, he crossed illegally into the United States where he discovered the lucrative world of drug dealing.

As a child, Omar had longed for love and a happy family of his own. In Los Angeles, he settled down with a woman he loved, hoping his dream was finally coming true. But his dream died when, in a murderous rage, he killed her and fled the country.

Now a fugitive, Omar hid on a lonely mountaintop in Nicaragua, vowing to overcome his violent temper. Even there he could not escape the misery and tyranny of sin. Pursued by a persistent God, Omar finally repented and found peace. But how could he find the courage to face his past and make restitution?

Chosen From Among the Worst is a true story of God's marvelous grace, grace that transformed a sinner into a joyful child of God. "And the grace of our Lord was exceeding abundant with faith and love which is in Christ Jesus" (1 Timothy 1:14). More info...

Quest for Truth

One night they came. In a raven-black car. Crying in anguish, young Luba clung tightly to her mother as the car carrying her father disappeared down the street. Would she ever see him again? Would they soon come for Mother?

Growing up in Ukraine at the height of the Soviet Union's power brought many hardships. From surviving a deadly man-made famine to toiling in a labor camp, Luba faced one challenge after another. But perhaps most unsettling of all were the agonizing questions: Are the communists right? Is there really no God? And if He does exist, where is He?

As Luba and her son Sergie and his wife seek answers to these questions, they face discouragement and despair. Sergei is sure that if he could escape the tyranny of communism, he would be happy. But when that doesn't help, he is desperate. What could be wrong?

Slowly God led them to discover the truth: God is real—and He brings joy and fulfillment to those who serve Him. It was the answer they were looking for. More info...