"Bible Journey Series" Bible School Curriculum

Summer or Vacation Bible School (VBS) materials

This series is designed for use in a wide range of Bible school and outreach situations. The stories and activities engage children whether or not they are regular church attendees. Grade level designations are only suggestions—books can be used for other grades as well.

  • Grades 1 - 10 teach the Bible in chronological order
  • Student and teacher manuals for each level
  • Bible teaching, not merely entertainment
  • All courses have 10 lessons
    (with suggestions for teaching each course in 5 lessons)
  • Punch-outs for younger levels

A Teacher's Guide and a Pupil's Workbook are provided for each level. The Teacher's Guide includes detailed help in presenting each lesson, questions to ask, supplementary stories to read, suggestions for memory work, answers to questions in pupil's workbook, and more.

Items: 110 of 36, per page
Items: 110 of 36, per page