Used and Discount Books

Second-Hand, Shipping-Damage, Clearance, etc.

Extra Discount Days!

All Used/Seconds
now 40% 50% less than new item prices
through October 15

The items listed include both used books and new books that have been damaged in shipping or some other way. Clearance items may be listed as well. Note that the pictures show what a new copy looks like, not the actual book you will receive. The cosmetic condition of these items may vary, but each is current edition (unless otherwise labeled) and has the following minimum qualifications:

Discount items are in "good functional condition" and may have...
  • cover wear and/or bent corners that do not limit normal use (i.e., binding is still tight and pages turn easily)
  • markings on cover or inside that do not limit normal use (i.e., no answers marked in student books)
  • container damage on boxed or bagged items such as flash cards and loose worksheets that does not limit normal use (i.e., contents are complete and in good condition)

If you receive a discount book that does not meet these minimum qualifications, please bring it to our attention so we can correct our oversight. Have used books you don't need? See our Buy-Back Program.