Study Time Arithmetic

Once your student has completed the Schoolaid math series for the first couple of grades, they will be ready to step into Study Time, which starts in grade 3. This series assumes a similar setting of conservative values, and endeavors to present math concepts in a manner that honors the Creator.

Compared to the Rod and Staff math series, this series offers workbooks through grade 5, which helps ease the workload for students who are challenged by handwriting. Study Time also tends to give a greater variety of exercises within each lesson, though the grade levels are about equal. Some users feel that in the final grades, Rod and Staff math does a better job of preparing the student for algebra, but this is still a very solid curriculum for mastering arithmetic. As one teacher said, "Study Time has a LOT of practical math. A student will never ask you why they are doing this."

See the Scope and Sequence of Concepts Taught in this series.

For grades 1 - 2, see Schoolaid Math.

To see the table of contents and sample lessons, click on the curriculum sets below.

Items: 110 of 28, per page
Items: 110 of 28, per page