Rod and Staff Penmanship

Penmanship for Christian Writing

This is a stand-alone handwriting course designed for grades 1 - 4. In grade 1 we also have an alternate set of penmanship workbooks included in the phonics and reading course, which introduces the letters as they are taught in the phonics lessons. This penmanship course introduces the letters according to how the strokes are formed. Both courses in grade 1 teach "print" (straight) lettering, and you will be able to easily continue into the grade 2 penmanship course, which reviews straight lettering and introduces cursive. Upper-grade students who need penmanship practice may choose to review the grade 4 course.

The letter forms are quite similar to those used by Pentime penmanship (grades 1 - 8), so students should be able to switch between curriculums without much difficulty.

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Items: 110 of 23, per page
Items: 110 of 23, per page