Rod and Staff Reading: Grades 1 - 4

Bible Nurture and Reader Series

I want to introduce you to the most unique Reading Program I know. You can find many others that will teach your child to read, but Rod and Staff's "Bible Nurture and Readers Series" (Grades 1-4) is unique in that it imparts Bible knowledge in the teaching process, thus fulfilling God's command (Eph. 6:4). Your child will be reading biblical truth instead of "fun stuff." It is important that every child learn to read, but more important that he develop a desire for profitable reading rather than just entertainment. In this course the child is reading to learn, not just learning to read. Every child needs to develop an appetite for serious reading at an early age. "Foolishness is bound in the heart of a child" (Prov. 22:15), and we certainly do not want to encourage it with frivolous reading material. Many curriculums prioritize the fun approach and develop that mentality in their students. But most of us, by now, are quite aware that life is not fun. We can have peace and joy in the Lord and find satisfaction in our labor, but life is serious and consequential. We need to prepare our children to face the realities of living a serious and useful life. The biblical content of the reading material is what sets this program apart from the rest.

Furthermore, the "Bible Nurture and Readers Series" is academically sound. Having personally used it to teach, I can tell you that it works.

Silas Martin, 2009

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