Tests are designed to help you, the parent, understand: A) what your child is expected to know at the end of each grade, and B) how your child is doing. The tests are similar to national standardized tests, giving results that will vary according to the curriculum you have used, since each publisher has their own program of teaching.

Tests only reveal a sample of the child's knowledge, but they help in evaluating your child's strengths and weaknesses. These tests cover the core areas of language arts and math. To get accurate results, follow the instructions explicitly. These materials are produced by Basic Skills Assessment and Educational Services, and have been used successfully for many years.

The One-Hour Practice Tests

(to be taken at the end of the grade)

These tests prepare students who will be taking an achievement test that is characterized by the following: First, the achievement test measures reading comprehension and language arts by combining the two into one assessment. Second, the achievement test demands strong critical thinking skills.

Taking about an hour to complete, these tests are designed to simulate and acquaint the student with the structure and feel, rather than the total length, of a survey test distinguished by the above two characteristics. After taking this test, most students understand what's required, and feel comfortable with how such a test works.

See also our full-length achievement tests, or our related assessment tests, which are designed to help you make an accurate assessment of where your child is academically.

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