High School Courses

Courses offered by Milestone Books that fulfill course requirements of the NCCA Diploma Program.

See the overview of the high school diploma program.

These are recommended courses, but you are at liberty to make other choices. Work with your Diploma Program advisor in finalizing your course selections. To learn more about each course listed below, click on the course title. The units mentioned below refer to a year of study.

English (Language) (4 units required, graded)

GradeTopicCourse TitleCreditsPublisher
9Reading / LiteratureA Time to Heal1Rod and Staff Publishers
9Writing / GrammarCommunicating Effectively Book 11Rod and Staff Publishers
10Writing / GrammarCommunicating Effectively Book 21Rod and Staff Publishers
11Reading / LiteraturePerspectives of Life1Christian Light Publications
12Reading / LiteraturePerspectives of Truth1Christian Light Publications

Special note: Rod and Staff 7th and 8th grade English can possibly be used for high school grammar credits. This should be discussed with your Diploma Program advisor. If you do these courses before entering the High School Diploma Program, be sure to keep proper records. If you have questions about how to do this please discuss with your advisor. For proper English credits, we also recommend you complete 7th and 8th grade Rod and Staff Spelling by Sound and Structure.

Math (3 units required, graded)

GradeTopicCourse TitleCreditsPublisher
9Pre-Algebra / AlgebraAlgebra: A Complete Course (Modules A,B,C)1VideoText Interactive
10AlgebraAlgebra: A Complete Course (Modules D,E,F)1VideoText Interactive
11GeometryGeometry: A Complete Course (Modules A,B,C)1VideoText Interactive
12GeometryGeometry: A Complete Course (Modules D,E,F)1VideoText Interactive
9Bookkeeping / AccountingRecordkeeping for Christian Stewardship1Rod and Staff Publishers

Science (3 units required, graded)

GradeTopicCourse TitleCreditsPublisher
9BiologyExploring Creation with Biology1Apologia Educational Ministries
10ChemistryExploring Creation with Chemistry1Apologia Educational Ministries
11PhysicsExploring Creation with Physics1Apologia Educational Ministries

Social Studies (3½ units required, graded)

GradeTopicCourse TitleCreditsPublisher
9 Understanding the Past Five Centuries1Rod and Staff Publishers
9 Civics and World Geography1Christian Light Publications
10 World History1Christian Light Publications
11 United States History1Christian Light Publications
12 Democracy and Christian Challenges1Christian Light Publications

Physical Education (1 unit required, pass/fail)

The objective of this course is to promote fitness. Aerobatic, strength training, and recreational or competitive sports may be used to satisfy this requirment. Other activities, such as chores, resulting in increasing the heart rate or increasing muscle mass are also acceptable. Typically, a maximum of two units may be counted toward graduation requirements, but more may be earned at the discretion of your Diploma Program Advisor.

Community Service (1 unit required, pass/fail)

May include voluntary service work in any activity that meets your approval. It may include church ministries. This may be fulfilled by a variety of activities totaling 108 hours and may be completed over the course of more than one year. A maximum of two units may be counted toward graduation. Discuss with your Diploma Program Advisor.

Health (½ units required, graded)

No suggestions yet.

Communications (½ units required, graded)

Can include speaking and teaching activities, journalism, or similar activities. Can be used as a religious activity. Performance experience is recommended. Discuss your ideas with your advisor.

Personal Finance (½ units required, graded)

A study including Biblical philosophy and practical application is recommended.

Career Development (½ units required, graded)

GradeTopicCourse TitleCreditsPublisher
11VocationThe Everything Career Tests Book½Basic Skills

Electives (8½ units required, graded or pass/fail)

GradeTopicCourse TitleCreditsPublisher
-Home EconomicsHome Economics 11Christian Light Publications
-EngineeringPractical Drafting1Insight Technical Education
9TypingTyping for Christian Service-Rod and Staff Publishers
9BibleThe Revelation of God-Rod and Staff Publishers
10BibleThe Completion of God's Plan for Man-Rod and Staff Publishers
-BibleBaker Bible Atlas Studies-Rod and Staff Publishers
-EthicsChristian Ethics for YOUth-Bechtel Books


The books we sell are written by writers who may be experts in their particular field of study, but we should remember that they are human and may not always be Biblically accurate. Some of their personal biases may show up from time to time. Sometimes things that are commonly believed are proven to be untrue later on. So please search the Scriptures daily, as the Apostle Paul commended the Bereans, to see if the things you read are true. Even though we have tried to find the best materials available, we do not necessarily endorse everything that is written. Take caution.

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