Art With A Purpose

by Share-A-Care Publications

Simple step-by-step art lessons for children in grades 1-8. Each Artpac has ready-to-use pupil art sheets, bound in tablet form. Directions, examples, and needed materials are listed for the teacher.

Each student will need a separate student packet. The teacher should also have a packet to do as samples beforehand. Extra packets will allow the teacher to demonstrate doing the project in class and provide spares for the times someone needs to start over.

The Artpac number is the recommended grade level, but grades may be effectively combined using a packet near the actual grade level. If an upper-grade student has not had art lessons previously, you should probably start at their skill level, and advance as their ability increases. You will appreciate the simplicity and ease of art in this well-planned course.

Concepts covered in the various Artpacs:

  • Artpac 1 Simple coloring skills, color-by-number, cutting and pasting.
  • Artpac 2 Simple coloring skills, cutting, pasting, simple perspective drawing.
  • Artpac 3 Coloring, shading with crayons, simple grid drawing and painting.
  • Artpac 4 Coloring, shading with crayons, drawing stick figures, simple grid drawing, and perspective drawing.
  • Artpac 5 Shading with colored pencils, drawing faces, painting and paint mixing, lettering, and grid work.
  • Artpac 6 Shading with colored pencils, drawing faces, lettering, grid work, freehand and perspective drawing.
  • Artpac 7 Advanced shading with soft lead colored pencils, grid drawing, calligraphy, paint mixing and painting, and sketching.
  • Artpac 8 Shading with pen and ink.
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