Grade 2 - ELO (Essential Learning Objectives) Quick Assessment Test

Grade 2 - ELO (Essential Learning Objectives) Quick Assessment Test

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An assessment tool designed to help measure mastery of Essential Learning Objectives

This test features 461 exercises in 14 skill sets covering the core areas of language arts and math.


Why This Product?

Dear Home School Parent,

As a father of three children, I understand the difficulty of home schooling, especially young children. During the elementary grades, two important questions most frequently asked are, "Are my children performing academically at grade level?" and, "How do I know?" Many parents attempt to use the few evaluation instruments available on the market, utilize a variety of assessment techniques recommended by textbook publishers, or employ private assessment services. But, these products and services may be very expensive, and give only indirect information or simply compare one student to another.

Holding to the high academic standards that Basic Skills Assessment and Educational Services is known for, the ELO (Essential Learning Objectives) Quick Assessment is designed to fill the gap that achievement tests and other products leave. As a comprehensive assessment tool, it is useful for evaluating and tracking academic success. Using primarily an objective testing format and measuring precise learning outcomes, it delivers accurate, easy-to-read results. Parents are empowered to identify specific skills mastered as well as those the student does not possess.

Contents (Parent Book)

  • Introduction
  • Essential Learning Objectives
    • Language Arts
    • Math
  • Mastering Test Strategies
    • Preparation Before Testing
    • Test Taking Strategies During Daily Work
    • Test Taking Strategies the Day of Testing
  • Parent Instructions
    • Language Arts
      • Sentences
      • Punctuation
      • Capitalization
      • Word Study
      • Handwriting
      • Phonics
    • Math
      • Numbers and Numerals
      • Addition of Whole Numbers
      • Subtraction of Whole Numbers
      • Fractions
      • Geometry
      • Measurement
  • Answer Key
    • Grading Instructions and Tips
    • Language Arts
    • Math
  • Quick Assessment Results Forms
    • Quick Assessment Results Instructions
    • Language Arts
    • Math

Contents (Student Workbook)

  • Language Arts
    • Sentences (11 exercises)
    • Punctuation (30)
    • Capitalization (30)
    • Word Study (70)
    • Parts of Speech (10)
    • Word Usage (63)
    • Study Skills (30)
    • Handwriting (52)
  • Math
    • Numbers and Numerals (40 exercises)
    • Addition of Whole Numbers (30)
    • Subtraction of Whole Numbers (35)
    • Fractions (10)
    • Geometry (10)
    • Measurement (40)
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