Grade 2 - Achieving Peak Performance - Test Preparation

Grade 2 - Achieving Peak Performance - Test Preparation


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A Special Action Plan Designed to Help Your Child Do His Best on Standardized Achievement Tests


Why This Product?

For children in the primary grades, an important question is, "What is an achievement test like?" The answer, unfortunately, is that an achievement test will probably be unlike any experience they have had.

Achievement tests assess student knowledge in a much different and more artificial manner from the way most parents do at home. Parents use a variety of assessment techniques at home to find out what their children know. Multiple-choice tests in a group setting with frame variable or scannable answer sheets are unlikely to be used.

For parents, two questions are primary: first, what skills will be measured, and second, how can I prepare my child for this important experience. For any test, most of us like to know what's going to be expected so we can prepare adequately. Everyone likes to know what the target is so they can know if they are aiming in the right direction.

This product is designed to answer these concerns in a simple and easy-to-use way. There are three parts to the action plan: 1) "Identifying Learning Objectives," 2) "Mastering Test Strategies," and 3) "Practicing for Success."

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Identifying Learning Objectives
  • Mastering Test Strategies
  • Practicing for Success
  • Practice Test Examiner Directions
  • Practice Test Answer Key