The Biblical and Observational Case for Geocentricity

The Biblical and Observational Case for Geocentricity

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A Place Rather than a Path for the Earth

If at its "fastest latitude" the earth with the atmosphere is spinning 1038 mph at the equator, why is the equator called "the dolldrums"? Why does earth's supposed spin have so little effect on east-west plane flights?

Table of Contents

  • Foreword
  • Introduction

Part I: What the Senses Observe

  • What the Senses Observe

Part II: What the Bible Declares

  • A Perceived Violation of Scripture
  • Early Heliocentricists Knew They Were Violating Scripture
  • Geocentric Passages Become the "Language of Appearance"
  • Heaven and Earth Become the "Universe"
  • John Gill: Halting Between Two Opinions
  • The Foundation of the Earth: 21 Passages
  • The Non-movement of the Earth (Except During End Time Judgements): 12 Passages
  • The Stretching Out of the Heavens: 12 Passages
  • The Movement of the Sun: 58 Passages
  • The First, Second, and Fourth Days: No Statement of Earth Motion
  • An Examination of 50 Selected Passages
  • Conclusion

Part III: What History Records

  • "Flat Earth" Accusation
  • The Early Jewish View: Geocentric
  • Babylonian Astronomy: Geocentric with One Exception!
  • Greek Astronomy: Geocentric with One Exception!
  • Aristotle: Geocentricity with Circular Orbits
  • Hipparchus: Geocentricity with Circular Orbits and Epicycles
  • Ptolemy: Geocentricity with Circular Orbits, Epicycles and Equants
  • "Epicycles upon Epicycles"
  • Copernicus: Heliocentricity with Circular Orbits and Epicycles—No Proof
  • Tycho Brahe: Geocentricity with the Sun Orbiting the Earth and the Planets Orbiting the Sun
  • Tycho's Extraordinary Instruments
  • The Rudolphine Tables
  • Tycho's Planetary System
  • Tycho's Sudden Death
  • Tycho's Body Exhumed
  • Tychonic Astronomy after Tycho
  • The Neo-Tychonic Model: Geocentricity with Planets in Elliptical Orbit Around the Sun
  • Johannes Kepler: Heliocentricity with Earth and Planets Elliptically Orbiting the Sun—No Proof
  • Kepler's Three Laws of Planetary Motion
  • Kepler's Dream
  • The Solar System Suddenly Becomes Much Bigger
  • How Planetary Distance Has Been Measured
  • Galileo and the Telescope
  • Galileo's "Proofs" For Heliocentricity—No Proof
  • Heliocentricity Advances Despite Scripture and the Failure of Galileo's "Proofs"
  • Newton "Axiomizes" Heliocentricity—Proof Remains Elusive
  • The Heliocentric System Becomes a Fact Without Proof
  • The Subjugating of Scripture to Physical Laws

Part IV: What True Science Reveals

  • Creative Mathematics
  • Earth's Total Supposed Speed
  • 1. Earth's Supposed Oblateness (Equatorial Bulge)
  • Satellites and the Oblateness Factor
  • Has Oblateness Been Photographed From Space?
  • Does The Mississippi Flow Uphill?
  • 2. The Geostationary Satellite
  • 3. The Space Elevator
  • The Special Altitude
  • "All Aboard"!
  • 4. The Atmosphere: Impossible on a Speeding Earth
  • Why is the Atmosphere Not "Flung Off"?
  • Why Does the Atmosphere Not Move Strongly to the West?
  • Why Do Jet Streams Move to the East?
  • How Can the Equatorial "Doldrums" Be Spinning at 1038 mph?
  • Why Do Westward Flights Not Arrive Sooner?

Part V: Further Evidence

  • Einstein and "Shrinking Interferometer Arms" to the Rescue
  • Three Aspects of Geocentricity
  • Earth's "Rotation"
  • Earth's "Movement Around the Sun"
  • Earth at the Center of the Universe
  • Experiments That Failed to Show Earth in Motion
  • The Michelson-Morley Experiment
  • The Michelson-Gale Experiment
  • Airy's Failure
  • The Sagnac Experiment
  • Two Common Arguments Against Geocentricity
  • The Rapid Rotation of the Universe
  • The Space Program
  • The Question of Equivalence
  • Conclusion
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