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266 stories from the Old and New Testaments. Illustrations are a mixture of full-page color drawings and smaller grayscale drawings. The illustrations of Jesus do not depict His face. Each story concludes with set of 4 or 5 questions for developing comprehension (one of which is intended for a slightly older child).


Bible story books fill a valuable place in the family library. Children enjoy these stories in a variety of occasions, such as in family worship and at bedtime. Because a Bible story book shapes our understanding of the Bible, the stories and pictures must illustrate the Bible accurately. The burden for this publication began with the desire of Brother David and Sister Geraldine Siegrist for a conservative Bible story book that would not jeopardize Biblical facts.

The Publication Board agreed to undertake this project and formed a committee to publish a Bible story book. Numerous stories were presented for evaluation. Recognizing that concepts about the Scriptures are often formed by what we remember from a Bible story or picture, this committee, along with the art committee, was careful to keep the stories and artwork as close to the Bible accounts as possible without merely restating the Bible. We did, however, try to maintain Scriptural quotations accurately to keep the Scriptural content.

The goal of this book is to help instill an accurate knowledge of the Scriptures and a love for the truth that will reproduce the faith in our children. We thank the writer, Brother David Siegrist, and the editors, Luke Shertzer and David L. Martin, for bringing this work to completion. We thank the artists for their part in making this work live. We also thank the directing committee and the doctrinal review committee for overseeing the project. May this publication serve the cause of truth.

LaRay Martin
For the Publication Board

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