The Robin

The Robin's Secret

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Meet Jane and Roy, Father and Mother, Baby Ronald, and Grandfather and Grandmother. Learn about cat chairs, Blackie, Biddy, a hurricane, and barn owls. Why does Father tell Jane and Roy a story about a family moving?

Find out why the cattle truck came, what was under the mountain, what was special about Brother Ben and Sister Clara King. Why did the children have Sunday school in a kitchen, and what did Jane and Roy see happening in their field one evening?

Sadness, sickness, hard times, troubles, and dangers are a normal part of life. But learn with Jane and Roy about God's goodness as He gives them many pleasant surprises. Be glad with them as they find Grandfather's surprise, the robin surprise, the surprise beside the stream, Neighbor Glen's surprise, and more surprises.

This story will inspire thanksgiving for God's goodness.


  • 1. Hello, Robin!
  • 2. Grandfathers' Surprise
  • 3. The Cattle Truck
  • 4. The Empty House
  • 5. Under the Mountain
  • 6. A New Friend
  • 7. The Robin's Surprise
  • 8. Ben and Clara King
  • 9. Beside the Stream
  • 10. A Special Day
  • 11. The Black Shadow
  • 12. In the Crate
  • 13. Neighbor Glen's Surprise
  • 14. A Prickly Surprise
  • 15. Water, Water
  • 16. A Surprise for Grandpa King
  • 17. Grandpa King's Surpsie
  • 18. The New School
  • 19. Night Surprise
  • 20. The Best Surprise
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