Grade 1 BSR - Advanced Practice Sheets - Sets Combo

Grade 1 BSR - Advanced Practice Sheets - Sets Combo

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  Set 1 Analogies $2.00
  Set 2 Contractions $2.00
  Set 3 Following Directions $4.00
  Set 4 Suffixes and Prefixes $4.00
  Set 5 Thinking Stories $9.00
  Set 6 Homonyms $3.50
  Set 7 Syllabication $4.00
  Set 8 Word Meanings $4.00
  Teacher Directions $6.00
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Advanced Practice Sheets are supplementary and can be used after the completion of Beginning Steps to Reading (A-C). More specific directions on when to begin a set is given with the directions of each set. The suggested time of when to begin a set is to give you a general idea of when a set can be started. Do not feel bound to these suggested times. If your class is not ready to begin a set at the time suggested—wait. If your class is ready to begin a set before the time suggested—go ahead.

Work on a number of different sets simultaneously. One set does not need to be completed before another set is started. In one day's time you could assign five or more pages, but those pages would come from five or more different sets.

Work through a set in the same order in which the pages of that set are numbered. Assign the first page of a given set one day, the second page on another day, and so on until you have worked through the set. But keep in mind that you will be working through a number of different sets at the same time.

Advanced Practice Sheets can be assigned in any block of time when pupils need constructive work to do.

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