Grade 8 Practical Spelling Set

Grade 8 Practical Spelling Set

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Grade 8 of the Practical Spelling series. 36 weekly lessons designed to help students gain practice in both spelling and handwriting, with minimal teacher involvement.

Word Lists:

  • 1. unanimous; flay; solitary; extinct; secular; rubbish; bobbed; avail; abscess; carbohydrates; decidedly; eclipse; foliage; homely; patriot; mute; omit; suburb; propaganda; proceed
  • 2. garb; scourge; ordinary; perennial; precaution; toyed; foil; mourn; stout; sheer; urgent; ounce; wrought; questionnaire; resolution; ruined; pullet; onlookers; pursuit; carton
  • 3. random; compassion; infinite; abandon; profession; permanent; recommend; ultimate; aggressive; focus; via; facility; massage; section; interrupted; lemons; census; nervous; poisonous; anonymous
  • 4. movable; imagining; gravity; involving; reversible; measured; interference; excusable; dyeing; canoeing; blameless; separately; involvement; pavement; sincerely; positively; judgment; duly; commencement; merely
  • 5. vomited; preference; attending; guarded; abhorring; explained; flavoring; baggage; breathless; foggy; boxed; laboring; bearing; spotless; diagraming; bagful; delivered; controllable; regretted; regretful
  • 6. [review]
  • 7. continuous; duties; uncleanliness; cancellation; deeply; unduly; slavery; immortal; partial; resources; unusually; thrilling; dissatisfied; misprint; subway; uninformed; mismanagement; rewarding; lonesome; incapable
  • 8. semiannual; semiconscious; bimonthly; bilingual; monosyllable; postwar; reprint; refuel; re-collect; resist; entrusted; interstate; precept; confer; resign; propose; foreman; forecast; forsake; forbid
  • 9. indigestion; indirectly; illegible; immature; imperfection; irreverent; disregard; disappointment; dismount; nonresistance; nonprofit; derail; defrost; misbehavior; misleading; unharness; unburden; uncorrected; antislavery; antisocial
  • 10. sympathy; synthetic; speedometer; diameter; microscope; microphone; homophone; thermostat; zoology; psychology; telegraph; autobiography; polysyllable; trilingual; triceps; counterclockwise; hydrogen; aeronautics; aerospace; hyperactive
  • 11. enjoyment; entitled; enrich; enlarge; endanger; encourage; enabled; entangled; enraged; fasten; strengthen; woolen; weakened; sweetened; harden; shortened; wooden; trodden; forsaken; redden
  • 12. [review]
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