Grade 4 Practical Spelling Set

Grade 4 Practical Spelling Set

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Grade 4 of the Practical Spelling series. 36 weekly lessons designed to help students gain practice in both spelling and handwriting, with minimal teacher involvement.

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Word Lists:

  • 1. stamp; hunt; pinch; trap; skip; chop; wink; slide; wade; chill; trade; bend; cling; stand; shot
  • 2. frog; cobweb; state; globe; flame; hand; gift; tent; fishline; belt; stem; stove; tadpole; limb; sum
  • 3. bushes; ashes; boxes; branches; buses; finishes; flashes; horses; houses; patches; stitches; taxes; peaches; washes; porches
  • 4. copies; hobbies; studies; families; countries; counties; monkeys; Fridays; Mondays; valleys; trays; armies; ponies; cherries; enemies
  • 5. sober; music; cozy; ribbon; picnic; chimney; gravy; travel; picture; tablet; tulip; elbow; habit; motor; minute
  • 6. [review]
  • 7. western; nobody; company; visitor; northern; cradle; southern; hind; someone; crib; above; eastern; somebody; front; under
  • 8. nearly; slowly; bigger; suddenly; bravely; neatest; louder; shortest; fattest; lovely; riper; sharpest; greater; safer; latest
  • 9. trading; dropping; acted; hearing; smoked; loved; changing; striking; hiding; chased; ringing; chopping; raising; charging; choosing
  • 10. disagree; dishonest; disobey; impolite; improper; impure; income; prepay; preschool; regain; reopen; reread; unafraid; unbutton; unswept
  • 11. prayerful; amazement; kindness; favorable; tasteless; blindness; faithful; sugarless; carelessness; laziness; contentment; lovable; speechless; dutiful; movement
  • 12. [review]
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