Grade 3 Practical Spelling Set

Grade 3 Practical Spelling Set

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Grade 3 of the Practical Spelling series. 36 weekly lessons designed to help students gain practice in both spelling and handwriting, with minimal teacher involvement.

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Word Lists:

  • 1. must; fast; bus; top; big; husk; rest; act; robin; dish; jump; task
  • 2. these; lake; shine; complete; alive; cube; gate; mule; hoe; awoke; bale; wipe
  • 3. laid; cloud; joy; oatmeal; hail; each; soil; blow; play; street; snow; now
  • 4. wool; looked; flew; cook; foot; broom; pudding; roof; true; knew; spoon; boot
  • 5. chair; deer; very; airport; bear; cheerful; near; queer; care; fear; where; tears
  • 6. [review]
  • 7. pulling; zooming; rained; played; walking; rocking; showed; talked; working; keeping; dreamed; wished
  • 8. sitting; cutting; sobbed; skipped; digging; stopping; planning; mopping; hopped; canning; slipped; rubbed
  • 9. biting; having; named; driving; hoped; shining; liking; hiked; piled; smiling; giving; taking
  • 10. plow; grapes; bread; clock; glass; speak; floor; fresh; price; treat; twelve; stick
  • 11. tooth; chicken; should; cloth; which; while; quick; shirt; thirsty; shoes; chalk; check
  • 12. [review]
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