Grade 2 Practical Spelling Set

Grade 2 Practical Spelling Set

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Grade 2 of the Practical Spelling series. 36 weekly lessons designed to help students gain practice in both spelling and handwriting, with minimal teacher involvement.

As a variation, the student will be directed to draw a picture or create their own sentence, using some of the spelling words.

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Word Lists:

  • 1. cut; hat; set; pat; win; red; fit; mop; hot; bun
  • 2. sun; six; cap; rat; get; sit; got; pet; wet; fun
  • 3. late; cake; home; mile; hope; bite; five; tie; wave; line
  • 4. week; keep; feet; jeep; meet; deep; weeds; need; feels; seen
  • 5. tune; year; ears; seat; meat; weak; rule; eat; rude; leap
  • 6. [review]
  • 7. pen; jet; him; can; fan; pig; has; had; dig; dug
  • 8. lock; kick; tack; back; sock; duck; neck; peck; pick; luck
  • 9. old; ride; time; nine; ate; game; name; use; hold; read
  • 10. sack; bake; wake; like; take; pack; lick; rake; quack; poke
  • 11. dog; hide; side; rope; step; vine; quit; green; dolls; hole
  • 12. [review]
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