Comfort One Another

Comfort One Another: From a Comforter's Perspective

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There is more to a comforter than meets the eye. Follow the path of one—from the perspective of the comforter! Its journey begins as a cotton plant in Egypt. After harvest, the cotton gets woven into a linen and becomes a bedsheet. After being shipped to America, it adorns the bed of a wealthy elderly woman. After its elastic wears out, the linen makes a trip to a second-hand store. There it is discovered by a Mennonite lady and her daughters.

The linen is then sewn into a comforter. Join the comforter as it returns to Africa—this time to bless someone in need The comforter ends up in the hut of a poor family and witnesses a remarkable transformation.

This unique story can be enjoyed by all ages and will warm your heart.


  • 1. Measuring Patches
  • 2. Needling Questions
  • 3. Challenging Knots
  • 4. Adjusting Seams
  • 5. Sewing Straight
  • 6. Binding Purpose
  • 7. Cutting Ties
  • 8. Edging Closer
  • 9. Parting Threads
  • About the Author
  • About the Artist
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