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How power and politics distract us from our mission

What is our mission in making the world a better place? The church is called to demonstrate Jesus Christ. We are to love what He loves and be burdened by the things that burden Him. We want wars to cease, peace to reign, and evil to stop. We rejoice when upright leaders are elected and good laws are passed. In the battle between right and wrong, we want light to triumph over darkness!

How engaged should followers of Jesus be in all this? Should believers vote, sign petitions, or boycott ungodly corporations? What is our role in stopping evil and advancing God's kingdom?

In this thought-provoking book, Gary Miller takes a closer look at these pressing questions and how we should respond. At times it feels like evil is winning, and we are doing too little to fight the growing darkness. Should we resist by being more involved in earthly politics and power? Or will this put us in danger of becoming sidetracked from our true mission?

Table of Contents

Part One: The Problem

  • 1. "Do You Vote?"
  • 2. The Evangelical Political Movement
  • 3. Militant Christianity: How Did We Get Here?
  • 4. America—It Just Seems Right!

Part Two: What If We Got What We Want

  • 5. If we Got What We Want
  • 6. Top-Down Takeover
  • 7. The Top-Down Temptation
  • 8. Enforced Christian Ethics
  • 9. The Consequences of Christian Coercion

Part Three: The Jesus Way

  • 10. God's Overriding Purpose
  • 11. Jesus' Mission
  • 12. Jesus' Missed Opportunities
  • 13. Time—The Human Struggle
  • 14. Compelling Beauty

Part Four: The Kingdom of God

  • 15. The Kingdom of God
  • 16. A Jesus Empire
  • 17. A New Day Is Dawning
  • 18. Does God Have a Preference?
  • 19. Stopping Evil
  • 20. Living in Babylon
  • 21. The Church and the Kingdom of God

Part Five: The Reality of a Christian Nation

  • 22. Historical Honesty
  • 23. "Let's Take America Back!"
  • 24. The Inevitable Dilemma
  • 25. Purpose of Earthly Government

Part Six: Regaining Focus and Purpose

  • 26. The Pull of Nationalism
  • 27. How Christianity Changed Our World
  • 28. Let Both Grow Together!
  • 29. Amazing Opportunity!
  • 30. Staying On Track
  • Endnotes
  • About the Author
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