A Paintbrush in God

A Paintbrush in God's Hand - "Overcomer Series"

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The story of Sarah Weaver, handicapped painter and writer

Sarah watched carefully as the pitcher threw the ball. Here it came. Gritting her teeth, she swung with all her might. Crack! The ball sailed past the pitcher as Sarah raced for first base. But what was wrong? Her legs didn't seem to work right. Halfway there, she tumbled to the ground. Undaunted, she rose and kept going.

To Sarah's dismay, what began as a weakness in her legs soon became worse. Her days of playing ball were over. Eventually she had to accept a wheelchair. But Sarah was not one to mope and whine. Her rule of life became, "If God tells me to do something, He will give me the strength to do it."

Despite her handicap, God worked through Sarah. Her well-known painting, The Broad and Narrow Way, has been an inspiration to many people. Sarah's example shows that by yielding to God, we can be "a paintbrush in God's hand."

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Table of Contents

  • 1. Songs and Sorrows
  • 2. Farm Adventures
  • 3. Stumbles and Studies
  • 4. Moving, Moving, Moving
  • 5. Kirksville Kindness
  • 6. Weddings and Wanderings
  • 7. Wheelchair, Mottoes, and Typewriters
  • 8. Pictures and Paints
  • 9. Back and Forth and Up and Down
  • 10. Home at Last
  • About the Author

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