The Silent Whistle - and other stories of faith and courage

The Silent Whistle - and other stories of faith and courage

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The occupants of the car stared straight ahead. Out of the corner of his eye, Ervin could see the policeman move his arm. Oh, no! If the policeman blew his whistle, they would have to stop and be searched. "Please, Lord!"

Nicu and Cristi caught their breath. They were on a dangerous mission and must not get caught. They strained their ears. What was that sound? Someone—or something—was moving through the corn! Could it be the secret police? Suddenly they heard a gruff voice—"Who's there?"

"Peter!" Mr. Bernic thundered. "I'm warning you about the new religion in town. They don't even pray to the saints. They are false teachers! Do you understand?"

Yes, Peter understood. Until he heard their church service from the pear tree...

This collection of true stories by Johnny Miller is based in Romania and Ukraine. Although written especially for children and young people, these stories of faith and courage will inspire people of all ages—anyone who enjoys reading about the power of God and the faith of His people.


  • Introduction
  • 1. Mr. Bernic and Peter
    Part One: The Warning
    Part Two: The Test
  • 2. A Giving Heart
  • 3. He Hides Me
    Part One: The Daring Escape
    Part Two: Hidden!
  • 4. Ioan and Dorthea
    Part One: One With God
    Part Two: A Traitor Friend
  • 5. Petrica
    Part One: A Troubled Life
    Part Two: Followed
    Part Three: Suffering
    Part Four: The Walk
  • 6. Helping Hands
  • 7. Visiting Communist Romania
    Part One: A Man in Blue
    Part Two: Finding Ica
    Part Three: The Wait
    Part Four: The Silent Whistle
  • 8. The Secret Mission
    Part One: Bibles for Many
    Part Two: Arrested!
  • 9. Our Russian Tour
    Part One: Bibles and Customs
    Part Two: On Red Square
    Part Three: Our Last Bible
  • 10. What Will Become of Me?
    Part One: fright and Flight
    Part Two: The Rescue
  • 11. The Power of Kindness
  • 12. A Deed of Kindness
  • 13. The Problem of Pride
  • 14. Do We Care?
  • 15. Rebecca
    Part One: In God's Hands
    Part Two: To Live or to Die
  • 16. Cristina's Prayers
  • 17. When Children Pray
  • About the Author
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