Captured by Gangsters

Captured by Gangsters

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See also Kidnapped in Haiti for a more in-depth account of this story.

A masked gangster yanked Dale from the driver's seat of the fifteen-passenger van. Another rudely slapped his face while yet another jumped into the van drove off. FAST!

Dale, who is Canadian, and his fellow American missionaries were on an outing in Haiti when armed gangsters suddenly surrounded them.

After being stuffed into the back of an ambulance, Dale could see little as they raced along. When they came to a stop, Dale rejoined his friends as the gangsters lined them up in front of a shack. He was sure they were going to die.

But God had a different plan.


  • [map]
  • Introduction
  • 1. To the Orphanage
  • 2. A Wild Ride
  • 3. Held Hostage
  • 4. Life in a Gangster Camp
  • 5. Precious Paper Towels
  • 6. "How Much Longer?"
  • 7. Little Improvements
  • 8. A Battle
  • 9. Critters and Coconuts
  • 10. An Emergency
  • 11. Answered Prayers
  • 12. "We Need Help!"
  • 13. A Plan
  • 14. In the Lord's Hands
  • 15. Nighttime Trek
  • 16. Reunion!
  • About the Author
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