Compromise: The Church and State Join Hands (Book 2) - "Century in Crisis Series"

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Book 2 of the Century in Crisis Series.

Times had changed. The persecution ordered by Emperor Diocletian was finally over, and everyone breathed a sigh of relief. The new emperor not only tolerated Christianity but actually seemed to favor it. What was going on? Would it last?

It was A.D. 311, eight years since Mark's wife had been martyred for her faith. Life had gone on, but Mark was increasingly lonely. He wondered what God had in store for him. He also wondered what the future held for the church. Would Christians hold fast to the teachings of Christos, or would the new freedom lead to internal disputes and compromise?

Constantine, the new emperor, had his own problems. Ruling the empire was a constant challenge—and so was dealing with his own family. Why was his wife acting so strange? And why had his son left home for no reason?

Table of Contents

  • Timeline
  • Historical Characters
  • Fictional Characters
  • Introduction
  • Prologue

Part I: A New Day Dawns for Rome

  • 1. In the Lion's Den
  • 2. Constantine Escapes
  • 3. Minervina Prays
  • 4. A Difficult Question
  • 5. Invading Britain
  • 6. A New Emperor

Part II: Securing Position and Power

  • 7. Constantine and Fausta
  • 8. Galerius Checks Out
  • 9. "In this Sign Conquer"

Part III: Behind the Scenes in Nicomedia

  • 10. A Lonely Life
  • 11. Church Problems
  • 12. A New Bishop

Part IV: Clashes and Upheavals

  • 13. Clash of the Titans
  • 14. Clash of the Theologians
  • 15. Clash in the Palace
  • 16. Clash in Constantine's Heart

Part V: Behind the Scenes: Post Nicaea

  • 17. Eusebius and the Nicene Creed
  • 18. An Uncertain Future

Part VI: The Sands of Time Never Stand Still

  • 19. Rome's New Capital
  • 20. A New Home
  • 21. All Things Come to an End
  • 22. Constantine Meets God
  • Bibliography
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