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Purposeful youth in a device-driven world

Electronics have become part of our lives, and it is difficult for many youths to imagine existing without them. They enable us to connect with friends, watch videos, listen to music, or just keep up with what is happening in our world. These devices are fast, powerful, and useful—but they are also addicting. And unseen threats lurk just below the surface.

Digital technology is both helpful and harmful, delightful and dangerous. This compels godly youth to make difficult choices. Peer pressure is powerful, and no one wants to be left behind. How can youth survive this enticing world of technology?

Tackling this controversial topic with his characteristic insight and conversational style, Gary Miller takes a look at the electronic challenges facing today's youth. Tech Talk offers Biblical principles, practical guidance, and a group study guide to help young people make hard choices in a soft society—enabling them to thrive in a deceptive digital world.

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Table of Contents

Part One: The Lure of Tech

  • 1. What Do You Reach For?
  • 2. The Golden Thread
  • 3. Simply Irresistible
  • 4. Going with the Flow

Part Two: The Truth About Tech

  • 5. Where Electronics Shine
  • 6. What's the Problem?
  • 7. Seductive Snare
  • 8. Who Are You Becoming?
  • 9. The Unforeseen Downside
  • 10. Addiction to Distraction
  • 11. Surface Skimmers
  • 12. The Need to Conquer
  • 13. Acceptance, Belonging, and Continual Companionship
  • 14. Our Penchant for Projection

Part Three: Straight Talk About Tech

  • 15. Christians and Entertainment
  • 16. Termites and Tornadoes
  • 17. Habits and Hungers
  • 18. Pornography
  • 19. Finding Deliverance

Part Four: Choosing to Swim Against the Current

  • 20. "This Culture Has No Clothes!"
  • 21. Purposeful Pruning
  • 22. The Holy Club
  • 23. The Burden of Perpetual Pleasure
  • 24. Under Authority
  • 25. Five Essential Spiritual Disciplines
  • Endnotes
  • Group Study Guide
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