Searching for Meaning: A Study of Ecclesiastes

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How can I find meaning in life?

Sooner or later most of us face this question. It doesn't matter how popular, how rich, or how successful we are.

Finding meaning in life can be elusive. Money can't buy it, education can't teach it, and possessions can't supply it. You can't find it by getting married, losing weight, or deciding to do more meditation. Religion won't fix the problem—and neither will committing suicide.

But life isn't meant to be hopeless or meaningless. There are answers. Welcome to the Book of Ecclesiastes.

Solomon had almost everything life offers. He had money and possessions. He had power. He had wisdom and knowledge. He had women. But there was one thing he didn't have: meaning in life. And it was something he wanted. Badly!

This book tells the story of Solomon's quest to understand God and find meaning in life. You will be surprised at what all he tried that didn't work. And you may be surprised at his conclusion.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • A Note on Understanding Ecclesiastes

Part One: Vanity—Examples of Disillusionment

  • 1. Everything Is Vanity
  • 2. The Vanity of Seeking Knowledge
  • 3. The Vanity of Pleasure
  • 4. The Vanity of Good Works
  • 5. The Vanity of Working Hard

Part Two: Facing the Realities of Life

  • 6. The Constraints of Time
  • 7. Toil Is God's Gift to Men
  • 8. Men Can Become Beasts
  • 9. Life Under the Sun
  • 10. God Hears What You Say
  • 11. Riches Never Satisfy
  • 12. The Contrast of Wisdom and Folly

Part Three: Looking Beyond Vanity

  • 13. Of God and Men
  • 14. Life Is for Today
  • 15. Wisdom Is Its Own Reward
  • 16. Practical Advice About Life

Part Four: Solomon's Conclusion—Fear God

  • 17. Remember Your Creator in Your Youth
  • 18. Fear God and Keep His Commandments
  • Epilogue: Finishing the Equation
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