Sylvester's Journal

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Scrawled secrets. A heart sealed off from wife and God... Was his life a sham?

"I don't like having my papers shuffled around by anyone else! I put them where they are for a reason." Sylvester's voice softened a bit when he saw the look on Naomi's face. "My father always kept his desk locked."

Sylvester turned his back, locked the desk, and walked out the door toward his woodworking shop.

A closed door. A locked desk. A hidden journal. Irregular trips to town. And a man named Sylvester Martin. Who really is this man and what is troubling him? These are questions that Naomi cannot answer, even after years of marriage. Around his heart, Sylvester has built a wall that shuts out his wife—and God.

Riveting and candid, this story is a fresh reminder that the actions of every individual greatly affect others in the family, church, and community.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Prologue

Part 1: Andrew's Perspective

  • 1. Andrew Visits His Mother
  • 2. Finding the Book
  • 3. What About the Shop?
  • 4. A Visit to the Bishop
  • 5. Naomi Has an Unexpected Visitor
  • 6. Sunday
  • 7. How Can You Forgive?
  • 8. A New Day Dawns

Part 2: Naomi's Perspective

  • 9. A Wedding Day
  • 10. Naomi Learns Some of the Facts of Life
  • 11. Andrew
  • 12. A New Bishop?
  • 13. Child Training Problems
  • 14. Here Today, Gone Tomorrow
  • 15. Naomi's God
  • 16. Teenagers
  • 17. A Man and a Maid
  • 18. Meeting Selina
  • 19. A Time to Die

Part 3: Sylvester's Perspective

  • 20. Too Late
  • 21. A Trip to Town
  • 22. Who Is Susie Mae?
  • 23. The Tree of Knowledge
  • Epilogue
  • About the Author
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