Surviving the Tech Tsunami

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Electrical technology is not just a spot of rough water the church must navigate; it is a virtual tsunami.

Electronic technology is taking our culture by storm. This is having a profound effect, not just on society at large, but on our occupations, our families, and our personal lives. It is also having a tremendous impact on our churches. As followers of Jesus in these last days, how concerned should we be?

Technology offers some obvious benefits, such as enabling Christians to reach out to the lost around the globe in ways that men like the Apostle Paul could never have imagined. But does the good offset the evil?

Gary Miller interviewed church leaders and youth across the conservative Anabaptist spectrum. Learn with him how different groups are dealing with electronic technology—what is working and what is failing dismally. What do church leaders think is happening in their congregations, and what do their youth know is actually occurring?

This behind-the-scenes glimpse at the cultural upheaval caused by technology should serve as a sober wakeup call and help our families and churches weather the tech tsunami.

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Table of Contents

Part One: Change—The Historical Battle

  • 1. The Tech Tsunami
  • 2. Where Will This Lead?
  • 3. Defining Technology
  • 4. Categorizing Technology
  • 5. Technological Change: Different Perspectives
  • 6. Are All Tools Created Equal?

Part Two: Is Something Else Happening Here?

  • 7. Vital Relationships: The Core of Who We Are
  • 8. God and Google
  • 9. Connected and Lonely
  • 10. Media Matters
  • 11. A Sound-Bite Society
  • 12. Brain Change

Part Three: Deadly Diversions

  • 13. Digital Distractions
  • 14. Seduced by Sight and Sound
  • 15. Entertainment—Changing Our Views and Values
  • 16. Pop Culture versus Kingdom Culture
  • 17. "Being Bored Is Boring!"
  • 18. Circumventing God's Design

Part Four: Where Are We?

  • 19. The Current Quandary
  • 20. Just Say No
  • 21. Just Focus on Biblical Principle
  • 22. Technology and Our Concepts of Church
  • 23. The Scourge of Porn
  • 24. What Are We Listening To?

Part Five: Re-Evaluating Our Course

  • 25. Electronic Seduction
  • 26. Opportunity of Our Day
  • 27. How Should Churches Prepare?
  • 28. Higher Ground
  • Endnotes
  • About the Author
  • Additional Resources by Gary Miller
  • Bibliography
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