Going Till You

Going Till You're Gone

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Kingdom-Focused Living Series
Rethinking Retirement: A Kingdom-focused vision in midlife and beyond

Middle-aged and older believers caught up in the hectic pace of modern life often find themselves longing for rest. Their youthful idealism has been tempered by life's difficulties, and they long to relax, slow down, and enjoy the rewards of their labor. American culture tells them this is the right thing to do—they deserve it!

But is a comfortable retirement really the goal for followers of Jesus? Is leisure and lounging to be the vision for our final years? Does God really want us to spend the last part of our lives doing little more than enjoying hobbies, adding to collections, or traveling for pleasure?

Going Till You're Gone encourages Christians to develop and maintain a Kingdom-focused vision that will guide the latter years of their lives. It calls for a careful examination of the use of our resources. It appeals to older soldiers to encourage younger believers in the battle and to passionately help lead the charge. It helps readers imagine what is possible when a life is sold out for Christ. Most of all, Going Till You're Gone is a plea for godly examples—for older men and women who will demonstrate a Kingdom-focused vision all the way to the finish line.

Table of Contents

  • Preface
  • Introduction

Part One: A Time of Great Change

  • 1. Poverty to Prosperity
  • 2. The Invisible Gorilla
  • 3. Life in the Thorn Patch
  • 4. Thy My Kingdom Come
  • 5. When Desire Meets Opportunity
  • 6. Who Is That Rich Man?

Part Two: A Time to Reflect

  • 7. A Time to Reflect
  • 8. Reality, Response, and Reaction
  • 9. An Inward Look
  • 10. A River or a Dam?
  • 11. How Much Is Enough?
  • 12. Without Hypocrisy
  • 13. Wanted: Older Active Warriors
  • 14. The "Right" to Retire

Part Three: A Time to Refocus

  • 15. The Rest of My Time
  • 16. An Amazing Opportunity
  • 17. Imagine the Possibilities
  • 18. Who Are You Seeing?
  • 19. A New Focus

Part Four: A Time to Demonstrate

  • 20. Is This Really Worth It?
  • 21. A Single, Sanctified Vision
  • 22. Potential to Influence
  • 23. Not Many Fathers
  • 24. Bankrupt Churches
  • 25. Death and the Kingdom of God
  • 26. Retirement, Savings, and Medical Insurance
  • 27. Should You Be a Bank?

Part Five: A Time to Prepare

  • 28. Closing Up Shop
  • 29. Wills, Trusts, and Estate Planning
  • 30. Avoiding Family Conflict
  • 31. How Much Do My Children Need?

Part Six: A Time to Finish Faithfully

  • 32. What Am I Supposed to Do?
  • 33. For Such a Time as This
  • 34. The Spirit of Caleb
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