Charting a Course in Your Youth

Charting a Course in Your Youth

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Kingdom-Focused Living Series
A Serious Call to Examine Your Faith, Focus, and Finances

Far more than a book on finances, Charting a Course will help youth establish a life plan that channels their time, talents, and resources into the Kingdom of God.

Gary Miller addresses practical issues such as credit, advertising pressure, and our infatuation with electronic gadgets, offering down-to-earth, easy-to-follow guidance. And he does so within the framework of Jesus' call to seek first the Kingdom of God. This is not simply a guide to manage money frugally or how-to course in making money, but a continual call to look for ways to live as Jesus would, to carry out His intentions in our day.

Miller's stories and illustrations capture the reader's attention. Young people will find it engaging reading, and parents, church leaders, and teachers will be grateful for the opportunities this book offers to discuss financial issues with their youth. —John Coblentz

What Are Youth Saying?

"I read this book at a time when I needed clarity for my financial decisions. Gary helped me 'get my head on straight.' I need a constant reminder to spend for the Kingdom." —Christopher, 22

"If you actually believe that life is full of real choices and that someday you will be held accountable for the choices you make... then this is a must-read!" —Caleb, 25

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • 1. Flying Free
  • 2. The Importance of Vision
  • 3. "Choose You This Day"
  • 4. Biblical Stewardship—The Missing Ingredient?
  • 5. Do I View Money and Possessions as Jesus Does?
  • 6. Developing a Biblical Value System
  • 7. A Steward? What's That?
  • 8. Developing a Kingdom-Focused Vision
  • 9. Whose Kingdom Are You Building?
  • 10. Putting Your Vision Into Action
  • 11. Diligence in the Workplace
  • 12. Developing Personal Discipline
  • 13. Who Needs a Budget?
  • 14. Choosing a Career
  • 15. Money and Marriage
  • 16. Singe Life—Serving Without Distraction
  • 17. Investing in the Kingdom
  • 18. Crosswinds
  • 19. "They That Will Be Rich..."
  • 20. Considering Before Committing
  • 21. Selecting a Kingdom Chariot
  • 22. Consumer Credit and the Kingdom
  • 23. Saving and Serving—A Window of Opportunity
  • 24. Materialism—Satan's Sneaky Substitute
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