A Small Price to Pay

A Small Price to Pay

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See also Footprints of Faith for a shorter biography of Mikhail Khorev.

"Please, would you let us stay inside your house tonight? It is so cold and my children and I would appreciate if we could just have some kind of shelter." Mama was talking fast through the closed door.

"How many?" We could hear the voice from inside.

"I have four children," Mama answered hopefully.

"I have no room for such a big family," the voice said firmly.

Mama turned and joined us. We crossed the street and trudged a little further up the road to an intersection. Without a word, Mama spread our only blanket on the ground next to a wooden fence outside someone's yard. We huddled together, trying to stay warm.

Living in the Soviet Union under cruel, atheistic communism and growing up during World War II, young Mikhail Khorev saw much suffering and death. Often homeless and near starvation, he struggled to believe in God's love. This inspiring story of how Mikhail grew to be a man of God, will move you to tears and strengthen your faith. You, too, will come to realize that everything we can give to the Christ who saves us is still A Small Price to Pay.

Table of Contents

  • 1. Nothing to Be Ashamed Of?
  • 2. Dark Days
  • 3. Papa Is Taken
  • 4. Flight from Leningrad
  • 5. Pavel
  • 6. We Must Stay Together
  • 7. I Choose
  • 8. What is the Church?
  • 9. Marriage Will Change Him
  • 10. The Letter
  • 11. Work to Do
  • 12. Apples
  • 13. Prison Again
  • 14. Years of Work
  • 15. My Father's Footsteps
  • 16. The Trial
  • 17. A Surprise Visit
  • 18. Letters
  • 19. In God's School
  • 20. Colony Nine
  • 21. Reprieve
  • 22. A Birthday Celebration


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