Grade 12 - CLE Social Studies - Democracy and Christian Challenges Set

Grade 12 - CLE Social Studies - Democracy and Christian Challenges Set

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Samples display a couple pages from each LightUnit.

LightUnit 1: Personal and Social Challenges

  • I. Self: Maturity, Mental Health, and Career
  • II. Family
  • III. Education
  • IV. Discrimination

LightUnit 2: American Political Challenges

  • I. The American Party System
  • II. The Structure of the Party System
  • III. Nominations and Elections
  • IV. Public Opinion and Government

LightUnit 3: Economic Challenges

  • I. The Market Economy: Part One
  • II. The Market Economy: Part Two
  • III. The Problems of Business

LightUnit 4: International Relations

  • I. Approaches to International Relations
  • II. Changes in International Relations

LightUnit 5: Man and His Role in the Environment

  • I. Man and His Environment
  • II. Energy
  • III. Conservation and Alternative Energy Sources

LightUnit 6: The Christian and Authority

  • I. The Christian's Responsibility to God and His Government
  • II. The Christian's Responsibility to Social Authority
  • III. The Christian's Responsibility to Governmental Authority

LightUnit 7: A History of the Jewish Peoples

  • I. Jewish Survival in the Early Christian World
  • II. Jewish Life in the Middle Ages
  • III. Jewish Growth, Persecution, and Reform
  • IV. Jewish Reaction and Results

LightUnit 8: The Role of the Family in Today's Society

  • I. The Family
  • II. The Extended Family and the Community
  • III. The Requirements and Responsibilities of a New Family

LightUnit 9: The Societal, Economic, and Political Challenges of Man

  • I. History and the Challenges of Change in Society
  • II. The Challenges of Economic Growth
  • III. The Challenges of Political Change

LightUnit 10: Review

  • I. American Challenges
  • II. World Challenges
  • III. Judaeo-Christian Foundations
  • IV. Man and Society
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