Grade 10 - CLE Social Studies - World History Set

Grade 10 - CLE Social Studies - World History Set

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Samples display a couple pages from each LightUnit.

LightUnit 1: Ancient Civilization

  • I. Meaning and Origin of Civilization
  • II. Early Egyptian Civilization
  • III. Assyrian and Babylonian Civilizations
  • IV. Persian Civilization

LightUnit 2: Ancient Civilizations

  • I. The Far East
  • II. The Greek Civilization
  • III. The Roman Empire

LightUnit 3: The Medieval World

  • The Middle Ages: An Introduction
  • I. The Early Middle Ages
  • II. The Middle Ages in Transition
  • III. The High Middle Ages

LightUnit 4: Renaissance and Reformation

  • I. The Renaissance
  • II. The Reformation

LightUnit 5: Growth of World Empires

  • I. England and France
  • II. Portugal and Spain
  • III. Austria, Germany, Italy, and the Ottoman Empire

LightUnit 6: The Age of Struggle

  • I. The Struggle for Parliamentary Government
  • II. The Struggle for Dominion
  • III. The Struggle for Independence
  • IV. The Struggle for Reform

LightUnit 7: The Industrial Revolution

  • I. Industrial Revolution in England
  • II. Industrial Revolution in the United States
  • III. Industrial Revolution in Canada
  • IV. Social Changes of the Industrial Revolution

LightUnit 8: Two World Wars

  • I. World War I
  • II. Peace Returns
  • III. World War II

LightUnit 9: Our Contemporary World

  • I. Cold War
  • II. Conflicts of Independence and Religion
  • III. Cooperative Coexistence

LightUnit 10: Ancient Times to the Present

  • I. Ancient Civilizations and Medieval Times
  • II. Renaissance
  • III. The Modern World
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