I Am His Daughter

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Rachel wanted to honor her father, but was he asking too much?

Dad was the undisputed leader in our family. Whatever he thought God wanted him to do, he did. His passion for reaching the lost and raising his family for the Lord took us from Minnesota to Utah, Kansas, Texas, and Michigan.

As a little girl, I adored Dad. Through my teens, I admired and respected him. In my twenties, our relationship became more complicated, especially after we moved to Virginia and my siblings and I began to socialize with other young people. Dad didn’t seem to realize that we older children were no longer children, his vision for a tight-knit family clashing with our desire to make more of our own decisions.

I was still loyal to Dad, but when he wanted me to end my deepening friendship with a young man, what was I to do? I watched my brother revolt against Dad and knew it wasn’t right. Then Dad decided to change churches—again.

I Am His Daughter is the fictional story of a young woman and her relationship with two fathers: the earthly father she loved so much and the heavenly Father she learned to trust above all.

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