Light Side, Dark Side

Light Side, Dark Side

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Based on a young missionary's experiences in Haiti.

During a childhood visit to Haiti, a deep longing was planted in the author's heart to sometime return and serve there. And she did!

As a missionary years later, Shari Beth encountered much darkness. But there were also pockets of light, people—like Jock—aglow with the joy of the Lord. Jock lived in a tiny windowless room. With no family, he was at the mercy of others. Though his aged body was failing, Jock often sang heartfelt praises to God, tears trickling down his face.

Just down the hill from Jock's house was a dark scene. A party was in the making. Children dashed to greet Shari Beth, clutching her skirt and grinning. In the center of a red flag waving overhead was a single word—Rah-Rah, the native word for Satan worship.

Light Side—Dark Side opens a window into Haitian culture and shows the contrast between God's power and Satan's bondage. Whether it was bandaging wounds in the clinic, bargaining at the market, or worshiping in church, the author cared for everyone she met. Her burden was that they all would be brought from darkness into light. That burden will touch your heart as well.


  • Acknowledgments
  • Glossary
  • Preface
  • Introduction—The Calling
  • 1. Light Side—Dark Side
  • 2. When Transportation Is Needed
  • 3. Drugs and Police
  • 4. Reaching the Children
  • 5. Prison Miracles
  • 6. Superstitions
  • 7. The Power of God's Seminar
  • 8. Unrest Within and Without
  • 9. An Unwelcome Welcome
  • 10. Power in the Name of Jesus
  • 11. Bread, Coffee, and Zombies
  • 12. One Thousand Crosses
  • 13. Cholera
  • 14. The Christmas Miracle
  • 15. Jesus Loves the Deaf
  • 16. Clinic for Them and Me
  • 17. Thrice Saved
  • 18. Dog Alert
  • 19. An Eternal Choice
  • 20. A Silver Lining
  • 21. Because an Angel Pushed
  • 22. His Grace Is Sufficient
  • 23. God Has Big Hands
  • 24. Trapped in Darkness
  • 25. From Darkness to Light
  • 26. A New Day Dawning
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