The Living of These Days: Stories From the Covid-19 Pandemic

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49 Stories from the Covid-19 Pandemic


I pictured each of my school-age children destined for a life of counselor appointments. Each of them would start with, "You see, all my problems began during the COVID-19 pandemic when my mom tried to homeschool us..."

The Homeschooling Thermometer by Mable Reiff

COVID-19 seemed to threaten us. It wasn't our health that felt threatened, though we are as vulnerable as anyone. But suddenly, right during the trauma of Sasha's murder, we could no longer gather and encourage one another. Right when I was trying to lead, comfort, and defend, it felt as if I couldn't.

The Preacher's COVID Lessons by Rodney Witmer

As the fire crackled, my siblings and I discussed the quarantine. Without church and social events, we would need activities to keep us busy. We wanted to respect the government rulings while finding ways to connect with others. For our emotional well-being, we needed goals.

Quarantine Family Challenge by Gina Martin

Table of Contents

  • God of Grace and God of Glory (poem)
  • Introduction
  • The Preacher's COVID Lessons
  • A Promise Only He Can Keep
  • Will This Be the Last Day?
  • Pictorial Diary of Coronavirus in Lancaster County
  • Unorthodox Ordination
  • Never Out of Stock
  • Elevators and Incubators
  • When the Labors Increase
  • COVID Daze
  • Wondering, Working, Waiting
  • And They Did Eat
  • COVID-19 Adventure: Chapter One
  • Open Hands
  • A Homeschooling Thermometer
  • House Church
  • Social Distancing and Compassion
  • COVID-19 Wedding
  • A Stumbling Block to Service
  • Does God Care?
  • Aunt Jo's Mask Factory
  • COVID-19... and Cancer
  • One COVID Sunday
  • Flour Shower
  • Catching the Virus
  • How COVID-19 Reset My Mindset
  • From Schoolteacher to Big Sister
  • The Strangest Funeral I Never Was At
  • Quarantine Family Challenge
  • Under His Wings
  • COVID-19 and the Morses
  • Revival in a Rocking Boat
  • The Master's Symphony
  • Through Heaven's Gates
  • The Mexican Odyssey
  • One Night in Maine
  • From a Seven-Year Shut-In
  • Mask Confusion
  • The Facing of This Hour
  • Fear Hath Torment
  • Let Me Go Home
  • Say Grapefruit!
  • Of COVID and Cookies
  • Return to Normal?
  • Pandemic of Opinions
  • A List of Blessings in the Midst of a Pandemic
  • Acknowledgements
  • Writers' Profiles
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