Dolly the Milk Cow - "Pleasant Valley Farm Series"

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From the Pleasant Valley Farm Series.

"Great is thy faithfulness." —Lamentations 3:23

At four o'clock every afternoon, old Dolly faithfully led the other cows to the barn for milking. Then one winter day, Dolly slipped and fell on the ice. Would she be brave enough to trust Farmer Don and lead the herd as usual?

Note to Parents

Helga Moser bases her Pleasant Valley Farm Series on actual incidents that happened on her parents' farm. As you read the stories to your children, they will learn, along with the animals, some basic values for life.

This story highlights the bond between Farmer Don and his faithful cow Dolly, who has led the herd day after day for years. When the vet suggests that blind Dolly be sold, Farmer Don remembers her years of service and keeps her on the farm. The day Dolly falls on the ice and can't see the safe path to the barn, she is afraid to lead the herd as she usually does. But Farmer Don doesn't give up on her; instead, his patient encouragement gets her going again.

This enjoyable story will help your children learn to share Farmer Don's compassion for God's creatures. And as they mature, may they realize that God's compassion for His fearful, faltering human beings never fails. When we can't see the way, He guides us by His Word and His Spirit.

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