Snoopy the Sheep - "Pleasant Valley Farm Series"

Snoopy the Sheep - "Pleasant Valley Farm Series"

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From the Pleasant Valley Farm Series.

"Be content with such things as ye have." —Hebrews 13:5

Snoopy's new home at Pleasant Valley Farm was cozy and safe. She had plenty of fresh green grass to eat, and a tall wire fence protected her from hungry coyotes. But Snoopy was not content. Then one afternoon she wandered up the hillside alone and found herself in big trouble.

Note to Parents

Helga Moser bases her Pleasant Valley Farm Series on actual incidents that happened on her parents' farm. As you read the stories to your children, they will learn, along with the animals, some basic lessons of life.

This book will help your child grow in character as he learns along with Snoopy that getting everything he wants does not bring happiness. In fact, Snoopy was a miserable sheep until she learned to be content with her new home on Pleasant Valley Farm. Children, too, are miserable when they become discontented with the toys they have or the food on their plates.

After a harrowing experience caused by her own greedy discontentment, Snoopy learns to appreciate the protection of Farmer Don and the sheep dogs, and the company of the other sheep. May the children who hear this story be inspired to appreciate the shelter of their homes, the manna of God's Word, and the welcome light of His love.

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