A Kind of Courage

A Kind of Courage

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Challenging stories of young teens facing hard choices

Travis tensed as he heard his counsins' dirty talk. Again.

Kate stayed awkwardly in the background while her sister Amy laughed and flitted easily from person to person. It just isn't fair, Katy thought.

Haley's little brothers we so aggravating. "I wish you'd try a little harder to get along with the boys," said Haley's mom.

It was exciting to feel popular and important. But Nicole's new friends expected her to keep on slandering the teacher.

"What you need is a boyfriend," Emily said. "And I can tell you how to get one..." She leaned in closer, smiling mischievously.

Dad's always on me about something, Tony thought, scowling.

These stories are about challenges, struggles, and tough choices faced by young teens. You may recognize some of them... in your own life.

A Kind of Courage will help you make choices that will strengthen you spiritually and increase your desire to please God.


  • Preface
  • "Roots"
  • 1. Being Jasmine's Friend
  • 2. More Important
  • 3. Kate Herself
  • 4. A Kind of Courage
  • 5. Surprises
  • 6. What Matters
  • 7. Marti's Mistake
  • 8. Follow Me
  • 9. Heather Alone
  • 10. Estranged
  • 11. Three's a Crowd
  • 12. Flower Gardens
  • 13. U-Turn
  • 14. Wrong Once
  • 15. A Windy Winter Night
  • 16. Disaster in Seventh Grade
  • 17. Genuinely Cathie
  • 18. Some Kind of Smart
  • 19. The Move
  • 20. The Right Kind of Fun
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