Journey Into Jesus

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A devotional exploration of thirty-two names of our Lord

Word of God. True Vine. Son of Man. Rabbi. High Priest. King of kings. Alpha and Omega. Lion of the Tribe of Judah. We've read these names of Jesus in Scripture, but what do they mean? And what do they mean for us?

This devotional study begins where John begins his Gospel: "In the beginning was the Word." From that great and unfathomable expanse, we take our first step into acquaintance with Jesus of Nazareth. Each name takes us a step further. Sometimes our hearts leap with insight; sometimes we simply sit and ponder. Learning to know Jesus is a journey because Jesus is the Way—the way to Life, the way to the Father.

Journey into Jesus takes us beyond mere knowledge to a deeper heart relationship with the Friend of Sinners, our Savior. Together we repent, we worship and adore, we love and obey our Captain and Lord. We owe our lives to Him!

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • 1. Jesus the Word
  • 2. Jesus the Creator
  • 3. Jesus the Life
  • 4. Jesus, the Lamb of God
  • 5. Jesus, the Son of God
  • 6. Jesus, the Son of Man
  • 7. Jesus, the Light of the World
  • 8. Jesus the Rabbi
  • 9. Jesus, the Bread of Life
  • 10. Jesus the Messiah
  • 11. Jesus the Prophet
  • 12. Jesus the King
  • 13. Jesus, Our High Priest
  • 14. Jesus the Saviour
  • 15. Jesus Is Lord
  • 16. Jesus Is Immanuel
  • 17. Jesus the Bridegroom
  • 18. Jesus, the Good Shepherd
  • 19. Jesus the Door
  • 20. Jesus, the True Vine
  • 21. Jesus, the Friend of Sinners
  • 22. Jesus, the Stone the Builders Rejected
  • 23. Jesus the Beloved
  • 24. Jesus the Resurrection
  • 25. Jesus Our Captain
  • 26. Jesus, the Alpha and Omega
  • 27. Jesus, the Faithful and True Witness
  • 28. Jesus the Amen
  • 29. Jesus, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords
  • 30. Jesus, the Lion of the Tribe of Judah
  • 31. Jesus, the Root and Offspring of David
  • 32. Jesus, the Bright and Morning Star
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