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A journey to abundant hope in marriage and motherhood.

Choosing to respect your husband should be as simple as making a vow and then sticking with that decision, shouldn't it? The author of this engaging marriage book did not find it so easy.

With humble honesty and humor, Dorcas Showalter tells her story of learning to navigate—sometimes unsuccessfully—the perils of marriage and motherhood as she and her husband moved from Ohio to Idaho to Montana and to South America.

Flourish offers encouraging, Biblical counsel on becoming a beautiful woman who glorifies God by honoring her husband and accepting life's challenges with joy and contentment. Along the way, you will also learn piety of practical tips and suggestions on everything from housekeeping and home decorating, to pleasing your husband, to training your children, and much more.

As you surrender your way to His, God's grace can enable you to become a flourishing woman who brings love and joy to your husband and home.

Table of Contents

  • Note from the Author
  • Once Upon a Time...
  • Faith
    • My Journey of Faith
    • Seasons of Winter
    • Sacrifice and Reaching Out to Others
    • What If My Husband Isn't a Spiritual Leader?
    • What About Christian Women as Leaders and Teachers?
    • Becoming a Woman for God's Glory
  • Gratitude or Discontentment
    • The "If Only" Trap
    • Dishonoring Your Husband
    • Sowing Love and Kindness
    • The Power of Thoughts
    • The Difference in the Sexes
    • What About My Own Needs?
  • Submission or Control
    • Marriage Is Like a Ball Game
    • Can We Sic God on Our Husbands?
    • Submission, a Place of Abandonment
    • Manipulation
    • What If You Have Different Convictions Than Your Husband?
    • As Unto the Lord
  • When Your Love Is Betrayed
    • Failed Expectations or Moral Failure?
    • Betrayal Hurts
    • The Power and Mystery of Unconditional Love
    • Hope and Prayer
    • One Wife's Testimony
  • Intimacy in Marriage
    • Our Attitude Matters
    • Understanding Our Husband's Needs
    • Beautiful Inside and Out
    • The Power of Sexual Intimacy
  • Time
    • The Distracted Housewife
    • Time and Social Media
    • Time and the Working Mom: My Etsy Shop
    • Blog Land
    • Practical Pointers for Positive Change
    • Choosing Freedom From Distraction
  • Motherhood
    • Not a Hallmark Journey
    • Death to Self
    • Mommy-Guilt
    • Discipline
    • Teaching and Training in Everyday Life
    • Answering Their Questions
    • Burnout
  • Homekeeping
    • Developing the Habit of Orderliness
    • A Workable Schedule
    • Keeping the Home Clean and Tidy
    • Daily Upkeep
    • Weekly Cleaning Schedule
    • Seasonal Cleaning
    • Grocery Shopping and Meal Planning
    • Laundry
  • Beauty in the Home
    • What Is Beautiful to You?
    • Harness Your Creativity
    • Give the Best of Your Family
    • The Sacred Art of Hospitality
  • The Beautiful Woman
    • What Is Not Beautiful?
    • Beauty of the Heart
    • The Beauty of Modesty
    • Practical and Godly Physical Beauty
    • Natural Beauty Tips
    • Finding Time for Beauty Care
  • A Closer Look at the Proverbs 31 Woman
    • The Original Life
    • Proverbs 31 for Today's Woman
    • Reflectors of God's Light
  • A Prayer for Every Day of the Month
  • Acknowledgements
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